8 Top Content Marketing Trends Set to Grow in 2021

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Digital marketing trends keep on evolving. The New Year is almost here and being a marketer, and you might be wondering which marketing trends are going to rule in 2021.

The content that you tend to utilize on social media posts, blog posts, and forums reflects the image of your brand. That is the reason content marketing is the most effective strategy to create brand awareness. But the fact is that the piece of content can’t grab the maximum attention from the target audience if it incorporates too many marketing pitches.

The content should offer value to the audience and should provide information that is relevant to the subject area. The consistency in creating the content also matters in creating a difference in brand exposure.

The digital era has brought new revolutions in the marketing field. Now small businesses are also utilizing advanced marketing tactics to grab the potential audience.

Content Marketing Trends Set to Grow in 2020

The ROI Growth

As companies are investing heavily in content marketing, are they really achieving the specific business goals? The content offers excellent value for a more extended period after getting published. Content marketing is providing highly effective results that include building audience interest in a particular brand and generating brand loyalty.

The effectiveness of the published content is being calculated through the positive feedback of the audience. What matters is the value that you provide to the target audience. The insights through multiple analytic tools allow tracking down how many individuals have interacted with the content and how many have taken part in conversions.

  • 60% of marketers tend to create at least one of the content each day Source
  • 86% of B2B marketers report that their organizations are using content marketing, and 70% of them are creating more content than they did one year ago Source
  • 78% of the CMOs see custom content as the future of marketing Source

The content offers a great deal in provoking customers’ interest in a particular brand, and further assists them in making purchase decisions. Now brands are required to keep in touch with the potential audience, and content marketing is the major approach to tell them who you really are what you have to offer.

Content Marketing Trends Set to Grow

The Need for Content Marketing for Brands

Now brands are investing in content marketing more than ever. Now the significant amount of budget is being spent on content creation and on its promotion. The more channels for content publishing the marketers tend to utilize, the more they have to invest. As new technologies emerge and new content formats originate, the marketing budgets increase eventually.

As the traditional approaches of acquiring the brand, exposure is also being employed, but the advanced methods are analyzed to take a vital part in ultimate business growth. The blend of traditional advertising and content marketing could take brand promotions to the next level.

Customer insights are essential in formulating every marketing strategy. It is necessary to know what their needs and interests are. Content marketing is a major approach to understand what they want and what they are looking for. So the marketer keeps on experimenting with different subjects when fabricating the content as multiple thematic topics assist them in analyzing which business area could be more productive and which product or service needs improvements.

As a marketer, you can’t ignore the impact of content marketing, as investing in this particular marketing approach has become crucial for businesses these days. As a business, you need to have proper resources to compete for the customer’s attention.

Content Marketing Trends

The Need for User-Tailored Content

When the marketer publishes the content, he/she aims to get maximum people to engage with it. If it is not compelling and is not having the relevant and valuable information, the audience will not gravitate towards it. The perfect user experience also matters in creating brand influence.

If the content is based on the same subject areas that most of the other marketers are focusing on, the audience might not give it much attention. In contrast, the unique content that is based on trendy topics could provide you with leverage on your competitors. It should be explicitly tailored to the needs and interests with the consumers, and marketing pitches need to be incorporated smartly within the content.

Make sure that the content should be entirely customer’s interest-centric and assists them in their own buyer journey. The piece of content that couldn’t influence many potential customers would fade into significance soon, while the dynamic content with personalized tone could make its way to success.

Content Marketing Trends Set to Grow in 2020

Video and Animation

The fantastic visuals have always proven to be highly effective when utilized smartly in marketing ventures. Like images and illustrations, videos, and animation have also been used to engage the audience. These are the ideal ways of telling a compelling brand story, and investments in these marketing elements offer excellent rewards.

Most users don’t watch a specific video with the intention of buying a product; instead, they view it out of curiosity. Which features the product comes with? Which specifications does it have, and what are the advantages, etc.? However, the better presentation of the product could impact the future purchase decisions of the potential buyer. Most videos have the potential to kick in, and users instantly become customers.

Now the videos and animations are the preferable content types that are being exploited to access particular brand information and to inquire about products and services. Increasingly the videos are being used with the other types of content to convey the information properly and to enhance its significance.

People get entertained with amazing stories. The compelling brand story that is illuminated in the shape of video or animation could do wonders for your business. If you ask your audience to give video reviews after purchasing your product or availing your services, the results would be mind-boggling. These customers would be like micro-influencers who are promoting your brand and getting more audience attached to your brand.

You can post your promotional videos on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc. However, you can add and share media galleries and product videos on your business blog as well to acquire maximum exposure. Remember, never try to over-promote your business instead of trying to adopt a conversational tone where you would behave as if you are communicating with the audience and ask for their suggestions as well.

Content Marketing Trends

Conversational Marketing

Advanced approaches continually replace the traditional means of marketing, and conversational marketing is one of the best examples of modern marketing strategies. People prefer to communicate through conversations, and businesses are required to entertain them accordingly.

Instead of hiring a team of professionals to serve customers, the businesses are inkling towards the utilization of modern technology, and Chatbots offer them a way to answer customer queries efficiently. These machines provide a 24/7 customer service allowing brands to meet customers on their terms.

By engaging with the audience in a more real way, the companies get chances to know about their interests, needs, and demands. Hence they get opportunities to improve their products and services.

This conversational marketing strategy helps them to come up with amazing business ideas that can further enhance their growth. They can reach their potential audience through multiple channels, and they can communicate in the way the audience prefers to communicate with.

The primary goal is to ask for feedback from customers and provoke brand loyalty. Other business goals include learning about customer behaviours, providing relevant business information to the customers and offering them a perfect user experience.

Content Marketing Trends Set to Grow

Content Optimization for Virtual Assistants

The digital era has introduced us with amazing technologies that are enhancing our lifestyle and have made accessing the information from the internet convenient. One of the examples of this astounding technology is a virtual assistant.

Before the advent of these gadgets, people had to use their smart devices, or they had to access their laptops and PC’s to acquire the intended information. However, the tech-savvy professionals have made it more convenient for them to ask for any info by asking through the virtual devices.

Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Cortana, and Apple Siri are the most popular ones in this regard. The virtual assistants have opened a gateway for smart marketers to boost their business seemingly.

When they try to formulate marketing strategies, they tend to incorporate business promotion plans based on voice searches as well. These artificial intelligence-powered virtual devices can do wonders for any individual as now you can order a cab, know about the weather, and play your favorites songs without any hassle. These devices are known for delivering personalized and accurate results.

The companies are now optimizing the content on their website in accordance with the voice-based search results. If you are publishing high-quality content to your website, you will eventually acquire a top spot in search results.

Now long tail, semantic keyword phrases are being integrated into the content to offer precise results when relevant voice queries are executed. The marketers have to think about how people speak, and then they need to integrate keywords accordingly. Setup your business website, add SEO optimized blog and make sure you have used natural speech tone in your content.

Content Marketing Trends Set to Grow

Rich Snippets are dominating

Now every other business is trying to compete with each other in search engine rankings in order to get the attention of a maximum potential audience. The more niche-specific and SEO optimized web pages would be, the more preference would be given to the particular business domain by the search engines.

Most audiences prefer to explore through the top search results, so Google has come up with a more optimized way of serving the users with the best. The featured snippet is comprehensive and presents relevant information against user queries.

The search engines tend to extract this information from a particular webpage and incorporate the specific URL and page’s title with it. When Google chooses you as the accurate result to the specific search query, it tends to integrate your webpage on the top of organic results, showcasing you as the top authority.

On the other hand, rich snippets can also create a massive difference in driving more traffic to your website. Add schema markup based on the Google standards your website would look more optimized with your service and products manifested in a more refined way. Users can swiftly go to the specific webpage to acquire particular services or buy a specific product that is specified with price, reviews, and with accurate description.

Content Marketing Trends Set to Grow in 2020

Factual and Data-Driven Content

These days the content is not all about telling compelling stories. Though it has proven to be a very practical approach now, the audience prefers to know more about the actual facts and figures.

So, the blend of creative ideas and data-driven content approach could bring wonders in driving more user engagements. You will not be attracting the audience with the top-notch content, but you also have to inform your audience how you have extracted the data.

The marketers know that they can’t serve a massive audience by showcasing any type of content that is related to any subject area. The audience is now more concerned about the right piece of information. So it is evident that having insights about their particular interests could provide leverage to the marketers in terms of user engagements.

Final Words
As brands keep on finding out new ways to connect with the audience, content marketing is a way to showcase your creativity and distinction. All you need is the right tools to promote and distribute the content. In today’s market, the consumer wants to be assisted when he/she is trying to make purchase decisions. Content is the way to provide proper guidance in the buyer’s journey and to generate lucrative results.

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