’s AI Content Detector Vs Gpt Zero: Which One Is Better?’s AI Content Detector Vs Gpt Zero: Which One Is Better?

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AI content detectors are a hot topic these days. With a flood of AI-generated content on the internet, sorting original human writing from machine-generated content has become a significant challenge. 

Today, we introduce two innovative tools designed to address this problem: GPT Zero and’s AI Content Detector.

This comparative review is for content creators dealing with large volumes of written content who are seeking to ensure their work’s originality and authenticity. 

These two tools are designed to tackle the problem of distinguishing AI-produced content, a growing concern in the world of content production. This review comes from a place of expertise and firsthand usage.

So, reader, ready to dive in? Let’s explore these AI content detectors together.

A Quick Overview of’s AI Content Detector’s AI Content Detector is a progressive tool that checks the originality of your text. It uses the advanced GPT-4 technology to do so.

This tool is exceptional due to its high-quality analysis, swiftly detecting unique and duplicate content. It also provides a user-friendly interface, ensuring a smooth navigation process for users. 

Moreover, emphasizes data security, ensuring your content isn’t stored or shared. Most impressively, it offers these services entirely free.

Its practical applications are vast. It caters to a wide audience including writers, publishers, editors, and academic professionals who aim to maintain originality in their work. Its quick and accurate detection process makes it a trusted ally in verifying content originality.

The best part is, it’s free! Yes, you heard it right. 

Unlike GPT Zero, this service doesn’t cost you a penny. You get access to top-notch AI content detection without any fees.

In addition to content detection, offers an AI content bypass tool. If your content is detected as AI-written, this tool can generate new content to bypass AI detectors. This is an interesting bonus feature that can be incredibly useful for many users.'s AI Content Detector Vs Gpt Zero: Which One Is Better? | SEO WEB AGENCY

A Quick Overview of GPT Zero 

GPT Zero is an AI-powered tool crafted by EleutherAI. It’s designed to spot AI-generated content with finesse.'s AI Content Detector Vs Gpt Zero: Which One Is Better? | SEO WEB AGENCY

The tool’s notable features include robust natural language processing capabilities and high detection accuracy for both short and long texts. 

GPT Zero, however, does have a limit – it can only scrutinize up to 5,000 characters for free. 

GPT Zero finds use among content creators looking to maintain originality in their digital presence. It’s an ally against plagiarism and can help steer clear of Google’s penalties for AI-generated content.

Except for the free plan, GPT Zero offers two subscription plans:

  • GPTZero Educator Plan: Priced at $9.99 per month (discounted from $19.99)
  • GPTZero Pro Plan: Priced at $19.99 per month (discounted from $29.99)

Comparative Analysis of GPT Zero and’s AI Content Detector

In this section, we’ll draw a comparison between GPT Zero and’s AI Content Detector.'s AI Content Detector Vs Gpt Zero: Which One Is Better? | SEO WEB AGENCY

Testing Performance:

Both GPT Zero and’s AI Content Detector excel at identifying AI-generated text. Whether the text is the result of GPT-3, GPT-4, Bard, or other AI models, both detectors offer reliable results. 

While testing both GPT Zero and’s AI Content Detector, I used content generated by GPT-3.’s AI Content Detector Detection: 

GPTzero Detection's AI Content Detector Vs Gpt Zero: Which One Is Better? | SEO WEB AGENCY

Both tools correctly identified the text as AI-generated with a remarkable level of accuracy.


GPT Zero

AI Models Detected

GPT-3, GPT-4, Bard, etc.

GPT-3, GPT-4, Bard, etc.




Reliable Detection



It’s clear from my testing that the two tools share a high degree of accuracy and reliability. 

Distinct Features and Capabilities

While both tools share the same primary function, they stand apart in their unique features. 

When using GPT Zero, I appreciated the open-source nature that allows for continuous improvement., on the other hand, really stood out with its AI content bypass tool. 

I input AI-generated text, and the bypass tool provided new, unique content that has the ability to pass GPTzero or other AI content detectors.'s AI Content Detector Vs Gpt Zero: Which One Is Better? | SEO WEB AGENCY

To test this claim, I checked the bypassed text again through the AI content detector, and here were the results:


GPT Zero




AI Content Bypass Tool



User-friendly Interface



Free Service

Limited to 5k characters


Pricing Comparison

GPT Zero’s free plan is basic but functional. For more advanced features or greater usage limits, you’ll need to upgrade to the Educator plan at $9.99/month or the Pro plan at $19.99/month. provided a pleasant surprise with its free access and no hidden costs.

Pricing Plan

GPT Zero

Free Plan



Premium Plan

$9.99/month (Educator), $19.99/month (Pro)


User Experience and Interface:

Both tools provide a user-friendly interface. However,’s AI Content Detector is explicitly designed to offer a seamless navigation process, making it particularly intuitive for new users. GPT Zero’s interface is also easy to navigate, but can feel more technical.


GPT Zero

User-friendly Interface



Ease of Navigation


Excellent’s AI Content Detector Vs Gpt Zero: Which one is better?

In the AI content detection world, both GPT Zero and’s AI Content Detector have emerged as viable options. 

Both tools boast high accuracy and reliable detection. 

However, they differ in their pricing model, unique features, and user experience. 

My experience testing and using these tools has led me to this verdict:’s AI Content Detector comes out on top

Its balance of performance, usability, and price sets it ahead. 

For content creators or academics seeking an efficient and cost-effective AI content detector,’s AI Content Detector could be your solution. 

Whether you’re seeking to verify the originality of your text or looking to bypass AI content detectors, provides a holistic solution, making it the winner in this comparative review.

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