10 Basic SEO Principles Website content - How to Use Them | MONTREAL SEO WEB AGENCY

10 Basic SEO Principles Website content – How to Use Them

A search engine is truly a portal that leads to a whole new world: the digital world.

Search engines form the basis of all online experiences. When you are looking for a local restaurant or a specialty doctor, you use a search engine to find it. Through the strategic implementation of search engine optimization from an expert SEO agency or digital marketing agency, a business could reap a wealth of benefits, including increased inbound traffic, more sales, and so much more.

However, SEO is an ever-evolving phenomenon and the newest SEO tip you learned lately to boost your ranking is, in all fairness, likely to fade with time and updates. For example, recently, Google unveiled a wealth of new updates, changes, and insight regarding SEO, changing the way SEO experts perform certain tasks. It’s our firm belief and many other SEO specialists can concur, that, regardless of the ever-evolving SEO industry, there are 10 principles of SEO that remain the same.

In today’s blog, we are not only going to share with you these 10 principles – we will teach you how to employ them to work for you. If you are wondering where SEO success stems from – it starts here!

10 Basic SEO Principles Website content - How to Use Them | MONTREAL SEO WEB AGENCY

Website speed longer than 3 seconds

It today’s world, nobody cares to wait for a slow website. If your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load, you can be guaranteed that a large majority of potential traffic will leave. That said, one of the most important ranking factors in SEO is page speed – and improving your site speed is one of the most advanced SEO techniques of 2019.

There might be some factors here and there that are likely being a hindrance to your page speed and fixing those ought to be your topmost priority. In efforts to help you out, we create a small step-by-step procedure so you can review your website speed

  • Visit PageSpeed Insights Homepage and enter the URL of your website in the search bar.
  • Click the ‘ANALYZE’ button.
  • Review the results. These insights will showcase exactly what your website is doing right and wrong. The first thing that is displayed in the results is a rating out of 100. Along with this, you will notice the ‘Possible Optimizations’ that could boost your rating. Further, the current optimizations being used to keep the speed fast are also displayed.

Website Interlinking strategy hyperlink SEO

One of the most fundamental principles of SEO is known as internal linking. Maybe people often overlook the importance of internal linking; however, it’s critical to ensure you are optimizing your efforts when interlinking on your website.

If you think that simply linking to random pages on your website is a good strategy, you are mistaken. Take the time to carefully select the text you are going to hyperlink, also known as an anchor text, and make sure it’s not only relevant to the current page, but the future linked page. For example, if I am going to hyperlink the words, search-engine optimization – my goal should be to send readers to a page that’s all about search engine optimization.

The last note we would like to make on this topic is that you want to be careful with how many times you link internally per page. Don’t go too crazy – make it seem real, authentic, and genuine.

10 Basic SEO Principles Website content - How to Use Them | MONTREAL SEO WEB AGENCY

Link to content that is relevant to your website

Today, SEO is more about improving your visitors’ experience. When writing content take the time to create outbound links to valuable, insightful, and informative content websites. If you are sending simply placing outbound links with no strategic mindset, it can actually harm your rankings.

Furthermore, by taking the time to link your content to other websites, not only can you generate more direct traffic, you may establish quality relationships with other brands and businesses, positively influencing your website’s domain authority. A good way to drive site traffic with SEO is to personally ask the website owners how they feel about the idea of doing guest posting for mutual benefits. Are you wondering how you can contact them? Visit their websites, use their contact forms or follow websites or blogs on social media.

10 Basic SEO Principles Website content - How to Use Them | MONTREAL SEO WEB AGENCY

Write not to manipulate search engines but to engage your visitors

One of the biggest false premises – and the wrong way to perform SEO – is through writing content solely for keywords. While keywords play a pivotal role, it’s critical to ensure you are writing content for your audience. It’s essential that all content is engaging and informative. We highly advise to focus on the value of your content first and then optimizing second. Businesses will reap greater benefit by blending value and optimized content – rather than stuffing pages with keywords, offering no inherent value. If you think Google’s crawlers can’t tell – your wrong.

Keywords SEO tools SEMRush MozPro Ahrefs

The one principle that most people are aware of is keywords – however, it’s also the one aspect of SEO that people fail to use properly. It’s imperative to perform extensive and exhaustive keyword research, understanding the most valuable keywords that are relevant to your business and industry. There are powerful SEO tools available today, like SEMRush, MozPro, and Ahrefs, which can help target and find those keywords. From there, one must develop a carefully orchestrated strategy for implementing these keywords through a website, including metadata, URLs, and in the content. As a rule of thumb, make sure every single page on your website has optimized metadata and the primary keyword is featured in the title tag, meta tag, and in the headers.

SEO Google Website Contents Keywords Web SEO Agencys

SEO keyword density specialist content writer

In addition to using appropriate keywords, it is also important to keep in mind the concept of keyword density and refrain from keyword-stuffing. The percentage of times a keyword appears on a page relative to the total number of words on the page is known as ‘keyword density’. In the context of SEO, keyword density determines whether a page is relevant to a specified keyword or not. Therefore, one has to be strategic in keyword usage – ensuring they don’t overuse or under use their target keyword. A high-quality content writer or specialist should have mastery over this SEO principle.

Best optimizing Search-friendly URLs 

When creating a new page on your website – or optimizing previously published content, name your URLs or slugs with clear keywords so that they become more search-engine-friendly. For example, the URL ‘seo-trench.com/best-seo-free-tools’ would be easier for Google crawlers to understand than a URL like ‘www.seo-trench.com/21543/s519.htm’ where the in-house classification system of the business has been used. Take away note The simpler a URL – the better.

Meta Description De Google Page Web SEO WordPress Caractères

Relevant web page meta descriptions

A meta description is a short description of a page’s content that is displayed on Google’s, or any search engines, results. Google doesn’t like duplicate meta descriptions – or duplicated content in general. So, it is, necessary to write a well-crafted, unique and relevant meta description for every page. Try to include your major keywords in the description – and convince the target audience to read or visit your website.

Use of the right keywords for your images

Images are crucial for SEO, so much so that Google features a dedicated ‘Images’ section in its search results. When users are searching for a particular image, they search with keywords and it is for this reason that one ought to use the right keywords in one’s image names and alt-text. Ask any professional or certified SEO specialist and this is one of the first things they will look for on a website. If your images are missing title tags and alt-texts – your website is not ranking as good as it can.

10 Basic SEO Principles Website content - How to Use Them | MONTREAL SEO WEB AGENCY

Have web analytics in place Google Analytics & GSC

Having clearly defined SEO goals, it’s important to track what’s working and what’s not. While there are different paid web analytics tools – one of the best, and free tools, available are Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Collectively, these tools can help you track your success and learn a wealth about your website and target audience.

Some other tools such as CrazyEgg also show you where your site visitors are clicking, and how they navigate away from your website. All of this, when analyzed properly, can be used to further optimize your efforts.

10 Basic SEO Principles Website content - How to Use Them | MONTREAL SEO WEB AGENCY

Trusting Your SEO to a Digital Marketing Agency

Given the complexity and technical aspects revolving the SEO industry, sometimes, it’s best to leave it to the SEO experts. Truthfully, many businesses don’t often realize the harm they are doing to the website – until after their website has dropped in the search rankings.

We hope that today’s blog provided some valuable insight regarding the most important principles of search-engine optimization – and how you can be utilizing them to help your website.

We highly advise that, if you are looking to optimize your website and are seeking results, it may be best to trust your website’s SEO in the hands of a digital marketing agency. By bringing a trained SEO specialist to help, you may be pleasantly surprised to see how much this digital marketing technique can positively impact your digital ROI.

An expert digital marketing agency will empower your business to succeed what was once thought measurable.

The Social Eagle is a West Palm Beach digital marketing agency, focused and dedicated to helping local businesses soar heights above their competition. We focus our attention and energy on empowering our clients – through the means of digital marketing. With expertise in search engine optimization, web design and development, and even social media marketing, The Social Eagle has helped countless businesses become the Eagle in their industry.

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Ultimate Guide to Manage a Small Business in 2020 | MONTREAL SEO WEB AGENCY

Ultimate Guide to Manage a Small Business in 2020

Do you have a feeling that in recent years, more people have been talking about running their own business? There are many reasons for this pro-entrepreneurship movement, and here we will not list them all, but the general idea of those who seek to have their own business is related to factors such as:

  • be your Own boss
  • create something from scratch
  • add value to the people around you
  • and of course, achieve the long-awaited financial stability

If you dream of having your own business, all these difficulties will be overcome with effort, training, and dedication.

The small business tips listed below are also meant to help you in this endeavor, turning obstacles into steps to success.

So, let’s get straight to the small business tips?

Tips for Small Business: What You Need to Know!

Train your team well even if you have only one employee, it is very important that they are well trained to serve customers and deliver the best work possible. After all, how do you run a store with the help of an unprepared person to deal with the routine of a trade?

So, given that you hired the right person for your business, invest in constant training so that they are even motivated to keep looking for an upgrade to grow their work.

For example, you can invest in training in the following areas:

  • customer service
  • inventory control
  • showcase assembly
  • industry trends
  • box control

So check what areas your employee needs to improve and put him to study! 

business management degree jobs

Make good financial management

It’s no use selling you a lot if you can’t manage the store’s cashier. By the way, a very common danger among fledgling business entrepreneurs is that they mix personal money with company money. Never do that; always have strict control of inputs and outputs.

Another important point and that helps a lot in financial management is you set your pro-labour with just a monthly withdrawal as if it were your salary. One mistake is to make small withdrawals throughout the month, resulting in runaway and financial disorganization.

This is why it becomes so important for your store to have working capital – the amount of money needed to fund the continuity of your business, preventing the business from going red and having to borrow to pay off debt (especially if store makes many installment sales).

If you are struggling with the financial management of your store, we recommend that you invest in courses in the area and expert advice, such as Sebrae offers entrepreneurs.

How to Manage A Small Business

Be very specific with your goals

You are advised to create a business plan so that you have a more complete view of your business. Within this planning, one topic is especially important: business goals.

You are starting a business to achieve some goals. Which ones are they? How long do you intend to reach?

Break down big goals into smaller, specific goals. You can use the SMART Goals technique:

  • specific
  • measurable
  • attainable
  • relevant

Create short, medium and long term goals. Build 10-year, 3-year, and 1-year goals, but also have quarterly goals for your business. Connect them all together so that quarterly goals help you achieve annual goals, annual goals help you achieve your 3-year goals, and so on.

When it comes to revenue, for example, divide the final amount into smaller numbers so that they are easier to reach at each step.

Imagine you are aiming to accumulate $ 20,000 in revenue in the first quarter of the year. Try to make this more objective to create a plan of action that is consistent with reality and to make sure your goal is achievable.

In addition, “breaking down” the goal will help you chart the tactics needed to reach it, as well as increase motivation with each successful step.

Returning to the example of quarterly sales of $ 20,000, try answering the following questions:

  • how much does this represent per month?
  • How many sales do I need to make in a month?
  • How many sales can your current team make per month?
  • Will you need to increase staff productivity or hire more professionals?

These questions will help you make the quarterly goal monthly, and this will give you a more objective view of the action plan that needs to be created to reach the goal.

It is interesting to break down goals even further by setting individual goals for each team member.

All of this can also be done if your company is made up of only you.

Building a performance-oriented culture begins with being very specific about goals.

business management montreal - How to Manage A Small Business

Team and technology as allies

When a small business starts, it is common (and financially healthy) for entrepreneurs to take on everything from sales to management, creative fulfillment, financial to marketing, and so on!

This is understandable and even necessary at first, but as soon as possible try to add more people to your team. Realize that you can not do everything yourself. Here you can choose to outsource services or hire internal staff.

You can make a lot more money when you have other people helping you pursue that goal.

For example, looking for ways to computerize a small business will increase your productivity and staff. You save time performing the same functions in less time, and you earn in:

  • production volume
  • competitiveness

You may also need to outsource IT, outsourced marketing services to specialized agencies, hire more salespeople, and more.

Understand what you do best and create ways that other activities can be solved without totally depending on you.

How to Manage A Small Business - business management montreal

Cut unnecessary costs constantly

It may seem contradictory to the small business tips from the previous item, but believe me, it is not. 

When we talk about adding technology and staff to a business, we are talking about elements that will bring more money to your business. In this topic, however, the idea is to figure out how to manage money in a small business, eliminating what not only brings capital but also makes you lose money.

Don’t think about cutting expenses only in times of crisis. Decreasing your “accounts payable” should be part of your daily practices of running a small business.

And once again, you can count on technology to your advantage.

  • Have you ever wondered if your physical office is really needed?
  • Does your entire team work externally?

Would it be cheaper to have video conferencing meetings and sporadically rent a room for in-person meetings?

Attention! We do not mean by this example that you should not have an office. What we are proposing is a reflection on the need for this place. Some businesses need a shared space and some don’t. In short, this is an example of cost-cutting possibilities. By the way, this kind of business model is becoming more and more a reality for companies of various branches.

Another example is the cost of your business with backup. Do you maintain large servers? Have you considered adopting other enterprise backup solutions , such as cloud storage, to reduce costs while still increasing security?

In these two examples, small business cloud computing may be the solution you were looking for to cut unnecessary costs.

Want to know more about this topic? Find out what the market really wants and how much it is willing to pay – and then offer it. When asked who your target audience is, what do you answer?

Many entrepreneurs believe they “sell to everyone” However, in many cases, diversification is not always the best strategy. Believe me, segmenting your market is one of the most valuable small business tips you’ll get.

Many small businesses are successful because they have identified a niche and conquered that market. By discovering a service, product, or feature that no one else has thought of or actually created, you have given your business a chance to succeed.

Finding your niche and continually innovating around that niche is a path to success.

How to Manage A Small Business - be your own boss

Watch for changes – maintain flexibility  

Even if you find the perfect niche, it will not necessarily remain the same forever. Markets can be fickle, and consumers can change desires quickly. Maintain flexibility and be aware of your personas and what they want.

Remember when Blockbuster was one of the richest companies in the world? With the advent of streaming, customers no longer wanted to rent DVDs. As much as it sounds, the market hasn’t changed “out of the blue.” The technology was already developing, and the company lacked at least attention.

Take care of yourself and your family

Your business needs its best version, and you only achieve this by sleeping, eating well, meeting friends, and being around your family.

A guide that aims to give tips for small businesses can not forget the main one: the entrepreneur.

What good is a successful company if you “wreck” yourself in the process? Nothing is as precious as health, which is why you should not sacrifice your welfare for the sake of your entrepreneurship.

In fact, what may seem like hard work and dedication can end up disrupting your career. Losing sleep, unhealthy eating, and stress are surefire ways to shorten the life expectancy of your business (and yours).

Just by taking care of your health, you will have the strength to work to achieve the business goals you have created.

How to Manage A Small Business - be your own boss Zoe Talent Solutions

Build and expand your network

Make connections with other entrepreneurs, meet your competitors, visit your suppliers, and keep a record of each person you know.

Ask for advice and help. Stay in touch with the business sector in your area, attend events and dialogue.

Quality relationships are the keys to the success of a small business.

With the small business tips listed above, organizing and managing your business, goals, metrics, and results become a much simpler process, especially when using simple, specific technologies. We advise that you know to Find a Nerd. We are revolutionizing how IT management is done for businesses, with industry experts and hassle-free methodologies and processes.


I am Tryphena from the Zoe Talent Solutions and I am working under the team content writer. The fact is that I create online courses related. Our entire team is very passionate about Management Skills, and we always strive to offer you professional, comprehensive info about any Business Management Skills. I encourage readers to share their ideas and tips too.

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Top 7 Digital Transformation Trends in Education Services | MONTREAL SEO WEB AGENCY

Top 7 Digital Transformation Trends in Education Services

Rightly put by the academician, digital education has come a long way with its state-of-the-art infrastructure and services all across the globe. Academic experts and professors from all grade levels are gradually coming to understand the importance and benefits of technology in education.

From designing, promoting, and delivering high-quality educational programs to customizing solutions on behalf of the students, online education services are making headlines in the education sector with each of these commendable digital trends.

Let’s get the hang of it!

“Online learning is not the next big thing; it is the new big thing.”

  • Donna J. Abernathy, Educational Author

Top 7 Digital Transformation Trends in Education Services | MONTREAL SEO WEB AGENCY

The emergence of advanced academic resources and tools

This is one major transformation which has contributed to the education services over the recent years. Imagine, your research paper is infested with plagiarized content, and you have no idea how to fix the issue with precision. What would you do?

Landing on a reliable and verified portal would help you. From Chicago referencing tools and other citation generators to advanced plagiarism detectors like Copyscape, Grammarly, and Turnitin; the online education service providers are said to help their users with resourceful software ensuring prompt solutions on the go.

Chatbots contributing to the responsiveness of student chat portal

It is said that chatbots such as Botsify and SuperBot have started off to infiltrate every domain of higher education. From admissions to career services, academic assistance, and test preparatory programs, the application of chatbots has made its presence felt in the most promising way.

David Smith, senior academic writer, associated with the brand Essaygator.com is of the opinion,

The advanced algorithmic design structure infused with our technically advanced chatbots now allows us to send across responses to student queries 2x faster.  It doesn’t matter whether our clients are at home or travelling, they are entitled to stay in touch with us round the clock, on the go”

If we are to consider the stats and the revelations mentioned above, it seems that digital education services are indeed emerging as a significant trend. Thus, it is lifting the potential and reach of e-learning to the next stage of success and prosperity.

Top 7 Digital Transformation Trends in Education Services | MONTREAL SEO WEB AGENCY

Academic blogs and Assignment Samples have gone Digital

Thanks to the digital transformation brought forth in the domain of education, students are no more required to knock on their professor’s door for assignment samples, and research blogs. It is only a matter of few clicks, and you can enjoy access to thousands of blogs, articles and assignment samples on the move.

Reputed digital education service providers like Assignmenthelp.us, and Allessaywriter.com, stretch on the ground of facilitating digital blogs and assignments samples for their users.

From blogs on dissertation writing to essays and coursework and assignment samples on Biotechnology, Law, Management and more; the digitized education services are said to bring the entire world of academics on your mobile and computer screen.

Top 7 Digital Transformation Trends in Education Services | MONTREAL SEO WEB AGENCY

Digital tutors have taken personalized learning to the next level

In addition to digital academic tools, chatbots, and online blogs and assignment samples, digital education services have made a prominent mark of excellence with online tutors.

Gone are the days when one would solely depend on the credibility of class teachers and private tutors. Cut to the chase, in 2019; the students can simply harness the potential of Google search and look for online tutors for instant solutions.

As a matter of fact, the globally acclaimed portal Tutorocean.com has contributed to the realm of digital education services in a significant way.  The online portal is said to rope in hard-working and experienced tutors across the world to help students from more than 100 countries.

From assisting them with essay assignment writing help to organizing personalized sessions for the students of Literature, Data Science, Mathematics, Marketing, Physical Chemistry; the portal offers comprehensive digitized tutorial solutions.

Apart from this education service portal, the website Tophomeworkhelper.com has gained prominence and exposure over the years. The biology homework tutors associated with this forum are said to cover more than 100 academic subjects on behalf of students belonging to K6, K8, K9, K10, K11, and K12 standards.

Thus, with such vivid revelations of facts and figures concerning the aspect of digitized tutoring, it seems that the phenomenon is here to stay, and shall rule the domain of E-learning in the days to come.

Top 7 Digital Transformation Trends in Education Services | MONTREAL SEO WEB AGENCY

Safe and Advanced Payment Modes are Fuelling the Growth of Education Services

The premium digital education services such as dissertation writing, coursework assistance, term paper help, and the likes can be availed via safe payment methods. It’s a known fact that in this era of digitization, things can be misused or hacked, so is an unsecured payment portal.

Acknowledging such alarming concerns, the academic experts and executives across the globe have revamped the functionality of monetary transactions between the portals and the clients.

As a matter of fact, all leading digital education service providers have embraced:

  • PayPal
  • Online Banking
  • Debit/Credit card transaction

Eventually, the world of digital education services has experienced lesser complications and delay in the payment process from both ends.

Top 7 Digital Transformation Trends in Education Services | MONTREAL SEO WEB AGENCY

Social media presence has emerged as a remarkable trend in the industry

In a world of 3.2 billion social media users, the domain of digital education has buckled up to keep up with the pace.

Moreover, with demographics showing 59% of internet users between the age group 18 to 29 using Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, the digital education services have expanded their reach across all leading social networking sites. The executives of the education assistance firms work in collaboration with digital marketers in order to create blogs, pop ads, interactive videos and other promotional content to attract the social media audience.

As a result, students these days can reach out to different academic portals and service providers without minimizing the Facebook or Instagram tabs on their computer screen.

Freddy Dawson, a student of Humanities from Australia says,

It is so much easier here.  The other day I was about to post an update on Facebook in order to ask if anyone in my friend list can help me with a quick referencing for my logisim assignment. Soon, I caught a glance of a pop ad at right side of the screen displaying, “best logisim assignment assistance is only a click away”. I clicked the advert and landed on a portal that offered me logisim assignment writing service with complete referencing and citation. What more could I have asked for?”

Thus, it seems that the world of social media and networking and digital education services are going hand in an endeavour to gift a better and smarter tomorrow to the young learners.

Top 7 Digital Transformation Trends in Education Services | MONTREAL SEO WEB AGENCY

The Procedure for Order Placement has been Made More Advanced

With an increasing demand for online academic assistance and digitized writing services, the online education service providers have revamped their order placement and processing infrastructure. With improved algorithm and other changes implemented in the technicalities of order placement and tracking portals, the academic service experts have come up with the following advancements.

One can simply upload the assignment requirement and every other guideline associated with the same via secure upload options. User-friendly order placement interfaces allow students to fill in the assignment detail, mentioning the number pages the writer has to cover, along with the deadline the expert is supposed to meet.

This, as a result, has eliminated the risk and tediousness associated with a student calling up an expert and explaining to the person what needs to be done over the phone. Now that every single thing has gone digital, both the students and the writers won’t miss out on the crucial aspects of assignment requirements.

Moreover, the digitized order placement portals come with a separate slot asking the students to provide their email addresses. Thus, the entire process of communication gets streamlined. The experts or customer relationship managers can communicate with their clients regarding order status, newsletters, or any other queries that need to be put forth via Email notifications.

Top 7 Digital Transformation Trends in Education Services | MONTREAL SEO WEB AGENCY

In Conclusion

Now that you are aware of the seven big things in digital education services, here’s a quick recap of the trends that have taken the digital education industry by storm.

  • The emergence of digitally advanced academic resources and tools
  • The rise and application of chatbots in education services
  • Digitized academic blogs and assignment samples
  • The development of digital tutors across the globe
  • Digitally advanced and safe modes of payment
  • The presence and potential of online education services in social media
  • User-friendly and digitally advanced order placement portals

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