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Three Methods To Enhance Management Skills

So far, I introduced what kind of skill is management ability. If you are in a position to unite your team or organization, you might be wondering how to improve these skills. Management skills are enhanced through training. Here are some typical methods to improve it.

Pacing and Listening – Coaching Skills

  • Pacing and listening are fundamental to improving facilitation and coaching skills.
  • Pacing is to keep pace with the other person’s condition and how you speak.

What I keep in mind with pacing is the loudness and speaking speed of the other party. It is also important to understand how the other person’s emotions are undulating and to match them. If you want to know more information about management skills zoetalentsolutions

It is said that by pacing the other person’s speech and behavior, a sense of security and a sense of unity that they understand me are naturally born. As a result, a rapport (trust) is built.

Also, listening to the other party’s story without denying it is called listening. By tilting the mind and body to the other person’s story, this person develops the feeling that he is trying to understand well.

In private as well as business situations, it is difficult to get things done well without the help of members. By wearing such pacing and listening, facilitation and coaching can be enhanced.

Three Methods To Enhance Management Skills

Disney Strategy – Three Perspectives

A Disney strategy is a skill that has “three perspectives” to achieve goals and plans. This skill has a great impact on problem discovery, resolution, and project management.

The first point of view is “Dreamer”, the second is “Realist”, and the third is “Critique”. By mastering these three, you will be able to demonstrate your creativity, materialize strategies, methods, procedures, and plans for achievement, and avoid risks and problems at a high level.

Dreamer talks about exciting dreams and determines the complete picture and outline of the goal. Thinking from a broad perspective and talking to the people around you to create a new means and options for a longer-term, larger future.

A realist is a specific strategy, method, procedure, and plan for shaping a goal from the perspective of “What is needed to achieve a goal or vision?”

Critics use constructive criticism to find problems and risks and increase the accuracy of goal achievement to increase the possibility of goal achievement.

When using this method, it will be easier to use if you start by knowing which of the three perspectives do you tend to use?

For example, suppose you are a dreamer who is good at thinking and talking about dreams that you usually want to realize. In doing so, you can become a realist or a critique, judge things calmly, and identify problems from the point of view. By doing so, you will be able to see ways of thinking and understanding that you have never seen before.

By training this method, you will increase your ability to achieve goals, problem discovery, and problem-solving for project management.

3 Methods To Enhance content Management Skills

Position Change – Leadership and Skills

The position change is a skill that captures things from “effective three positions” and is a way of holding a viewpoint. In management, it is also a method of facilitating communication and solving problems related to human relationships and is a viewpoint that enhances your leadership and facilitation skills.

There are three positions: “first position” that is your viewpoint, “second position” that is the opponent’s viewpoint, and “third position” which is the third person’s viewpoint.

Being aware of these positions and thinking about things makes it easier to understand not only your perspective but also the perspective of the other party or the perspective of a third party.

For example, when something happens, you can understand your feelings and feelings that you had never imagined by taking your viewpoint and standing in the other person’s viewpoint.

Also, by looking at the perspectives of yourself and the other party from the perspective of a third party, you can see the relationship between them and tips for solving problems.

Position changes that allow you to see your opponents and things objectively and stand from the perspective of your opponents are skills and perspectives that are necessary for leadership and facilitation.

Best Methods To Enhance effective Management Skills

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10 Basic SEO Principles Website content - How to Use Them | MONTREAL SEO WEB AGENCY

10 Basic SEO Principles Website content – How to Use Them

A search engine is truly a portal that leads to a whole new world: the digital world.

Search engines form the basis of all online experiences. When you are looking for a local restaurant or a specialty doctor, you use a search engine to find it. Through the strategic implementation of search engine optimization from an expert SEO agency or digital marketing agency, a business could reap a wealth of benefits, including increased inbound traffic, more sales, and so much more.

However, SEO is an ever-evolving phenomenon and the newest SEO tip you learned lately to boost your ranking is, in all fairness, likely to fade with time and updates. For example, recently, Google unveiled a wealth of new updates, changes, and insight regarding SEO, changing the way SEO experts perform certain tasks. It’s our firm belief and many other SEO specialists can concur, that, regardless of the ever-evolving SEO industry, there are 10 principles of SEO that remain the same.

In today’s blog, we are not only going to share with you these 10 principles – we will teach you how to employ them to work for you. If you are wondering where SEO success stems from – it starts here!

10 Basic SEO Principles Website content - How to Use Them | MONTREAL SEO WEB AGENCY

Website speed longer than 3 seconds

It today’s world, nobody cares to wait for a slow website. If your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load, you can be guaranteed that a large majority of potential traffic will leave. That said, one of the most important ranking factors in SEO is page speed – and improving your site speed is one of the most advanced SEO techniques of 2019.

There might be some factors here and there that are likely being a hindrance to your page speed and fixing those ought to be your topmost priority. In efforts to help you out, we create a small step-by-step procedure so you can review your website speed

  • Visit PageSpeed Insights Homepage and enter the URL of your website in the search bar.
  • Click the ‘ANALYZE’ button.
  • Review the results. These insights will showcase exactly what your website is doing right and wrong. The first thing that is displayed in the results is a rating out of 100. Along with this, you will notice the ‘Possible Optimizations’ that could boost your rating. Further, the current optimizations being used to keep the speed fast are also displayed.

Website Interlinking strategy hyperlink SEO

One of the most fundamental principles of SEO is known as internal linking. Maybe people often overlook the importance of internal linking; however, it’s critical to ensure you are optimizing your efforts when interlinking on your website.

If you think that simply linking to random pages on your website is a good strategy, you are mistaken. Take the time to carefully select the text you are going to hyperlink, also known as an anchor text, and make sure it’s not only relevant to the current page, but the future linked page. For example, if I am going to hyperlink the words, search-engine optimization – my goal should be to send readers to a page that’s all about search engine optimization.

The last note we would like to make on this topic is that you want to be careful with how many times you link internally per page. Don’t go too crazy – make it seem real, authentic, and genuine.

10 Basic SEO Principles Website content - How to Use Them | MONTREAL SEO WEB AGENCY

Link to content that is relevant to your website

Today, SEO is more about improving your visitors’ experience. When writing content take the time to create outbound links to valuable, insightful, and informative content websites. If you are sending simply placing outbound links with no strategic mindset, it can actually harm your rankings.

Furthermore, by taking the time to link your content to other websites, not only can you generate more direct traffic, you may establish quality relationships with other brands and businesses, positively influencing your website’s domain authority. A good way to drive site traffic with SEO is to personally ask the website owners how they feel about the idea of doing guest posting for mutual benefits. Are you wondering how you can contact them? Visit their websites, use their contact forms or follow websites or blogs on social media.

10 Basic SEO Principles Website content - How to Use Them | MONTREAL SEO WEB AGENCY

Write not to manipulate search engines but to engage your visitors

One of the biggest false premises – and the wrong way to perform SEO – is through writing content solely for keywords. While keywords play a pivotal role, it’s critical to ensure you are writing content for your audience. It’s essential that all content is engaging and informative. We highly advise to focus on the value of your content first and then optimizing second. Businesses will reap greater benefit by blending value and optimized content – rather than stuffing pages with keywords, offering no inherent value. If you think Google’s crawlers can’t tell – your wrong.

Keywords SEO tools SEMRush MozPro Ahrefs

The one principle that most people are aware of is keywords – however, it’s also the one aspect of SEO that people fail to use properly. It’s imperative to perform extensive and exhaustive keyword research, understanding the most valuable keywords that are relevant to your business and industry. There are powerful SEO tools available today, like SEMRush, MozPro, and Ahrefs, which can help target and find those keywords. From there, one must develop a carefully orchestrated strategy for implementing these keywords through a website, including metadata, URLs, and in the content. As a rule of thumb, make sure every single page on your website has optimized metadata and the primary keyword is featured in the title tag, meta tag, and in the headers.

SEO Google Website Contents Keywords Web SEO Agencys

SEO keyword density specialist content writer

In addition to using appropriate keywords, it is also important to keep in mind the concept of keyword density and refrain from keyword-stuffing. The percentage of times a keyword appears on a page relative to the total number of words on the page is known as ‘keyword density’. In the context of SEO, keyword density determines whether a page is relevant to a specified keyword or not. Therefore, one has to be strategic in keyword usage – ensuring they don’t overuse or under use their target keyword. A high-quality content writer or specialist should have mastery over this SEO principle.

Best optimizing Search-friendly URLs 

When creating a new page on your website – or optimizing previously published content, name your URLs or slugs with clear keywords so that they become more search-engine-friendly. For example, the URL ‘’ would be easier for Google crawlers to understand than a URL like ‘’ where the in-house classification system of the business has been used. Take away note The simpler a URL – the better.

Meta Description De Google Page Web SEO WordPress Caractères

Relevant web page meta descriptions

A meta description is a short description of a page’s content that is displayed on Google’s, or any search engines, results. Google doesn’t like duplicate meta descriptions – or duplicated content in general. So, it is, necessary to write a well-crafted, unique and relevant meta description for every page. Try to include your major keywords in the description – and convince the target audience to read or visit your website.

Use of the right keywords for your images

Images are crucial for SEO, so much so that Google features a dedicated ‘Images’ section in its search results. When users are searching for a particular image, they search with keywords and it is for this reason that one ought to use the right keywords in one’s image names and alt-text. Ask any professional or certified SEO specialist and this is one of the first things they will look for on a website. If your images are missing title tags and alt-texts – your website is not ranking as good as it can.

10 Basic SEO Principles Website content - How to Use Them | MONTREAL SEO WEB AGENCY

Have web analytics in place Google Analytics & GSC

Having clearly defined SEO goals, it’s important to track what’s working and what’s not. While there are different paid web analytics tools – one of the best, and free tools, available are Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Collectively, these tools can help you track your success and learn a wealth about your website and target audience.

Some other tools such as CrazyEgg also show you where your site visitors are clicking, and how they navigate away from your website. All of this, when analyzed properly, can be used to further optimize your efforts.

10 Basic SEO Principles Website content - How to Use Them | MONTREAL SEO WEB AGENCY

Trusting Your SEO to a Digital Marketing Agency

Given the complexity and technical aspects revolving the SEO industry, sometimes, it’s best to leave it to the SEO experts. Truthfully, many businesses don’t often realize the harm they are doing to the website – until after their website has dropped in the search rankings.

We hope that today’s blog provided some valuable insight regarding the most important principles of search-engine optimization – and how you can be utilizing them to help your website.

We highly advise that, if you are looking to optimize your website and are seeking results, it may be best to trust your website’s SEO in the hands of a digital marketing agency. By bringing a trained SEO specialist to help, you may be pleasantly surprised to see how much this digital marketing technique can positively impact your digital ROI.

An expert digital marketing agency will empower your business to succeed what was once thought measurable.

The Social Eagle is a West Palm Beach digital marketing agency, focused and dedicated to helping local businesses soar heights above their competition. We focus our attention and energy on empowering our clients – through the means of digital marketing. With expertise in search engine optimization, web design and development, and even social media marketing, The Social Eagle has helped countless businesses become the Eagle in their industry.

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Digital Marketing Explainer Videos - Business Strategy | MONTREAL SEO WEB AGENCY

Digital Marketing Explainer Videos – Business Strategy

Are you looking for the most efficient and simplest way, with which you can promote your brand and catch the eyes of the audience? Well! Your search should be over here. Explainer videos will do all for you. By Uploading videos over social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. you can easily pitch your services by sharing the information in the form of infographics, or storytelling. Considering video marketing as a strategy is a perfect way to attract, engage, and delight the audience.

Either you are running a small or large company, incorporating videos in your marketing strategy will help you to escalate your business productivity. By looking at the interest of people, 63% of the companies are using videos as a marketing tool. Out of those, 82% of the organizations think that the videos are an integral part of marketing strategy.

Furthermore, it will help you to reach out to a larger audience at less cost. There is no denying the fact that explainer video leaves a positive impression on the minds of the audience about the product or services offered by a business.

If you still have any doubts regarding how explainer videos have a positive impact in the marketing world, then need not fret! Scroll down and Continue reading.

Now, let’s take a deep dive into some reasons that will help you to know why organizations are creating explainer videos to upgrade their business growth.

Explainer Videos in Digital Marketing

Hype Up the Brand Awareness

Indeed, making an efficient online marketing strategy is not as easy as it seems to be. But, once you create and upload conceptual and engaging videos, you will see a massive improvement in your brand awareness as well as your revenue. The companies need to work on their brand awareness because, as per the research conducted by HubSpot, 85% of the customers look at the video content from brands.

If it’s your first attempt, then need not worry! There are various video editing software and tools by using which you can efficiently add 2D character turnaround images and build compelling explainer videos to grab the attention of the audience. The best part about creating explainer videos is its affordable cost. Each type of organization can streamline its digital marketing strategy without putting much effort and money.

Explainer Videos in Digital Marketing

Now, everything is just a click away. You have to upload entertaining videos over social sites and see how impressively you can speak to your audience and improve your brand value among the viewers. As per the research conducted by Wyzowl, 76% of the organizations have after observed a massive increase in traffic to their websites after incorporating video marketing strategy. So, if you also want to hype up the traffic to your site, then start creating short and creative explainer videos. It will not only help you to attract visitors but also upgrade your ROI.

Explainer Videos in Digital Marketing

Multiply Your Conversion Rates

Most of the organizations are facing difficulty in converting their potential customers into their leads. If you are sailing through the same boat and want to escalate the conversion rate and sales, then trust me, explainer videos will help you to reach your business goals. Approximately 81% of the organizations have observed tremendous growth in their sales and conversion rates.

As per the studies, 74% of the users who watched any product or service in the form of explainer videos subsequently purchase it. Do you know why? Because infographics and visuals are transmitted to the brain of an individual as compared to other content.

Better you craft your explainer videos; higher will be the engagement of individuals. So, if you want to convert your prospects into leads, start incorporating video in your marketing approach.

Explainer Videos in Digital Marketing

Makes the Explanation Easy

If you are planning to launch a new product or service and you want your audience to know how it works, then video marketing will help you to explain everything. 97% of the organizations experienced that with the help of explainer videos, users can understand their services or products easily.

More will be the understanding of the product or service; higher will be the engagement of your prospects. Due to its enormous impact, 45% of the companies have incorporated explainer videos on their homepage. Out of those, 83% of the companies found that adding videos on their homepage is useful, and helps to catch the eyes of visitors.

It’s true that some times, there are boring topics in which it is challenging to build users’ interest. But don’t worry! Explainer videos will break through the clutter as it is the perfect combination of simplicity, entertainment, and nostalgia. But, whenever you create the videos, make sure you have a proper story in which users can relate to their personal life. It will help the users to know the necessary information you want to express as 69% of the users watch videos to learn product or service.

Explainer Videos in Digital Marketing

Encourages Social Shares

Have you ever thought, Is social sharing can help marketers to increase their productivity? Yes! Higher is the number of shares; more will be business growth. Sharing the videos over social sites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and many more, will act as a blessing for business productivity as social videos generate 1200% more shares as compared to image and text content.

If you want to see better results in your website rankings, start creating fun entertaining videos. As per the statistics, 92% of the users share branded videos over social sites through their mobile phones with their friends and family members. It will not only escalate the traffic to your website but also has a positive impact on your ROI.

Explainer Videos in Digital Marketing

Builds Customer Trust

Building the trust of the customer through an online source is a challenging task. But, it cannot be denied that belief is the real foundation of sales and production growth. The most prominent way to build trust and long term relationships with customers is by creating informative, useful, and exciting videos.

Approximately 57% of the customers got confidence in purchasing the product or service after watching the videos. Videos not only help you to attract, engage, and delight the users but also help you to promote your brand and ignite the emotions of the viewers. So, if you want to build the trust of the people in the first go, then trust me, an explainer video is a right fit to reach your desires.

Explainer Videos in Digital Marketing

Helps in Generating More Leads

You might be struggling to be in the top searches of Google to generate more leads. If yes, then choosing explainer videos as your marketing approach will help you to drive targeted traffic and number of leads to your site.

Videos will increase the average time spent by viewers on your respective sites. Lesser will be your bounce rate; higher will be your search engine ranking. Google indeed loves Videos. More is the number of videos on your site; higher will be the chances that your website is shown in the first searches of Google. As per the statistics of Moovly, videos show up your website 53 times more on Google as compared to other content.

Now, you might be getting excited to rank your site. Isn’t it? Go and create impressive explainer videos.

Digital Marketing Explainer Videos - Business Strategy | MONTREAL SEO WEB AGENCY

Get a Chance to Improve Your Worth: Tritoncommerce

In this world of competition, everyone is using an inbound or content marketing approach to reach the audience and make them aware of your services or products. Think a moment! How to act a bit different so that you can easily catch the eyes of the customers?

Yes! An explainer video does all for you as it is one of the most versatile and profitable digital marketing tools right now. Today, individuals have no time to read lengthy descriptions and dig deep into the services.

Marketing Explainer Videos Business Strategy Montreal Quebec

Therefore, by looking at the demand of the individuals, videos are the most important driving force which will help you to optimize your site and improve your worth. Moreover, it is estimated that by 2020, the minutes of videos crossing the internet per second will be around 1 million. So, if you also want to double the power of online presence, make sure you incorporate explainer videos on your website.

Explainer Videos in Digital Marketing

Explainer videos is the most economical digital marketing strategy

Explainer videos are the most economical and impactful digital marketing strategy. It helps marketers to get a great chance to capture more leads and upgrade their business growth. Videos are not just popular among the customer’s; it also helps the organizations to promote their product or service in the span of a few minutes.

Due to all such advantages, 85% of the organizations prefer video as a crucial part of marketing strategy. Always remember that videos require knowledge as well as creativity. If you have all such skills, get ready to create real miracles, and experience a considerable improvement in your business growth.

Still, if you have any more queries or opinions regarding the essence of explainer video in digital marketing, feel free to share in the comment section below.

Author bio:

Chehak Wadhwa is a Creative Head at webdew and has an intensive 10+ Years of Experience in Designing and Creating animated explainer videos. She has produced 500+ Videos. With her team including some well-known brands in the market like UBER, Microsoft, T-Mobile, Calendar, etc.

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Explainer Videos in Digital Marketing

How to create high quality backlinks for my website | MONTREAL SEO WEB AGENCY

How to create high quality backlinks for my website

Simple link building techniques that form the foundation for a strong link building campaign. Some people might argue whether link building is the No.1 ranking factor, but there cannot be any doubt that it is the backbone of SEO. That is why it remains vital as ever before. 

Not having a solid backlink profile comprising high-quality backlinks can stall SEO progress. To impress search engines about the quality of websites that deserve higher ranks, backlinks are indispensable. Link building is a long haul technique intended to expand traffic to your site while improving your notoriety, all using outer connections indicating back your space. 

How to create high quality backlinks for my website

Every one of the methodologies and strategies I’ll be talking about in this guide has a similar crucial reason; acquiring a more noteworthy number of incredible connections on different locales that point to pages on your site. The truth is that Google cares for backlinks much more than anything else, which makes it imperative for marketers to toe the line. Backlinks help search engines to evaluate how good your website is and accordingly considers it for ranking. Google considers the quality of backlinks first to assess the quality of your site, and you must build an inventory of good quality backlinks for gaining SEO advantage.

The power of backlinks

Backlinks are powerful because it exerts a strong influence on search engines in determining search ranking. When you acquire a backlink from an authoritative and popular website, it tells search engines about the good quality of content on your site that attracted other quality websites to connect with it. As a result of the connection, the power and trust enjoyed by that website pass on to your website. Therefore, it becomes clear that backlinks pave the path for search engines to discover your website. It is simply not possible to launch an SEO campaign without backlinks. 

Google has confirmed that not having backlinks or having too many poor backlinks can spell SEO doom. Backlinks are powerful assets that can enable your site to rank higher in web indexes. In addition to the fact that backlinks allow for referral traffic to your website, they additionally assemble your space authority. Expanding your area authority is one of the primary components of positioning higher in the natural indexed lists. Without backlinks, ascending to the highest point of the internet, searcher results are an almost unachievable objective.

SEO Google Blog Marketing quality backlinks website

Link quantity and quality

Before Google launching its famed Penguin update in April 2012, webmasters were keen to collect a considerable number of backlinks regardless of its quality from impressing search engines. But Penguin put an end to the concept of considering numbers over quality and today link quality rules supreme. It is no more possible to impress search engines with poor quality links. Only good quality backlinks can help to make SEO gains by improving rankings.

Since backlink quality depends on the originating website, you must scrutinize the source of the backlink to ascertain how good it is before deciding to include the link in your inventory. Link building has grown into professional practice. It can guide you in adapting safe link building techniques to build an enriched backlink inventory comprising fewer high-quality links instead of too many useless links. 

Previously, a site with the biggest number of backlinks indicating back their website or a specific page on their website, would, as a rule, involve the top situation in the internet searcher results page for that catchphrase. This brought about numerous sites assembling enormous quantities of low quality and non-applicable backlinks with the sole reason for expanding the quantity of their backlinks. These low-quality backlinks now cause more mischief than anything since they don’t add to the client experience inside the web index

SEO Google Blog Marketing quality backlinks website

Link building for business growth

The fundamental thing to understand in link building is that all links are not equal. You must know how to separate the good and bad links to keep the good backlinks only. You must build links for your business and your customers by ensuring that it is relevant and back it up with high-quality content.  Users would be happy, and Google would also find merit in your website and consider it for a higher rank and in the process, make your business grow. 

Focus on organic link building and keep away from black hat practices that thrive on clandestine link building activities and attract the Google penalty. Including a blog, presenting on it in any event once every day, and connecting back to your landing page and other significant pages of your site with watchword grapple content is an extraordinary method to increase a great deal of inner connections. While blogging, you ought to likewise connection out to different websites that intrigue you and websites that are incomparable enterprises. You may also consider including pictures, recordings, surveys, and so forth. Blend things up! Make it look characteristic! Most significant, have some good times!

Here are some simple link building tips that are easy to implement and provide the right returns.

SEO Google Blog Marketing quality backlinks website

Ask for backlinks

Although you must practice organic link building techniques, there is often a misconception that soliciting or asking for backlinks is bad and best avoided. The reality is that even the best content can go unnoticed if not backed by good promotion that helps to draw attraction. You must promote your content and keep knocking on the doors of other websites that you feel good enough to ask for linking back to yours.  Requesting for backlinks is an approved method in link building or rather the only way to start the process.

You can even be more precise in asking specifically for links in the content instead of links in the footer or sidebar. Besides being of good quality, the websites that you target for link acquisition should be relevant to your niche. Else it would not make them interested in linking with you. For fruitful effort with bloggers, it’s about correspondence. At the end of the day, don’t ask without giving. Offering bloggers something as an end-result of an audit can be an extraordinary method to get more consideration and fabricate affinity.

While a backlink is an incredible beginning, most starting online journals simply don’t have the sort of traffic or area power to make this an important offer. An all the more fascinating thought may be to offer a free duplicate of your item for a survey.

SEO Google Blog Marketing high quality backlinks website Service Quebec

Build relationships

To acquire links, you must start building relationships with the targeted websites so that they feel interested in reciprocating. Building relationships is an art, and you must begin with communities related to your niche – such as social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, forums, etc. 

Start interacting by contributing with interesting posts and comments that are relevant to the topic and provide contextual value to every discussion. By actively participating in the online communities that take an interest in your niche, you will always have access to the latest industry news. You will be able to connect with new people while at the same time start the flow of backlinks.

Building trust with your crowd is a basic segment of any substance showcasing strategy. When you assemble trust, you construct authority all the while. Also, when you scratch off those two components, you fashion associations that lead to the long haul, commonly valuable connections. “Commonly useful” incorporates peers, supporters, clients, and fans connecting to your substance. In the event that you give genuine worth, they will reimburse you thus – it’s that basic.

SEO Google Blog Marketing high quality backlinks website

Testimonial link building

When you come forward to write a testimonial for some other businesses about their products and services, it opens a new avenue for connecting with people who would also take an interest in you and even reciprocate by linking. On the one hand, you help in building customer trust, and on the other hand, it allows earning backlinks. 

The approval rate is usually much higher than sending a standard link request over e-mails. It is a win-win situation as you contribute in providing a testimonial to that company, which in turn provides a backlink that you find worthy enough to enrich your backlink profile. Testimonials are something that most organizations consistently hunger for. They fabricate trust with their clients and give them an unprejudiced perspective toward the nature of their advertising. Providing a tribute to a business that you’ve worked with or bought from can be an incredible method to recover connects to your site.

Blog Marketing How to create high quality backlinks website

Start blogging

Having your blog is a great way to build relationships and earn backlinks, but it is a continuous activity that you must keep up and maintain the momentum. Write useful quality blogs related to your niche and address the needs of customers through it. Provide solutions to problems they are facing so that they derive value from it. With time, the blog starts gaining authority when others find it useful, and it should encourage them to keep in touch with you by sending links to your website.

Getting your website listed in reputed online directories and writing guest posts also help to expand your reach in earning backlinks.

chargement de votre site web 3 secondes SEO Google

Website Google Friendly with the 8 simples On-page SEO steps

Do you know the biggest mistake, digital marketers do while Optimizing their website? They start Off-page without fixing On-page issues on their website. They forget that by doing so, they are harming their website as all the link building done by them has – little or no impact.

Most of the time, the basic On-page is not rocket science. Some of the On-page mistakes are visible to the naked eyes. Yet – they are ignored by us. My basic On-page fixes start with simple 5 steps, and then I do the advance level On-page fixes with more steps.

However, for anyone starting with SEO – 5 steps is all you need to have a Google-friendly website. Now before I list the 5 steps, let me explain you few basics around On-page, Off-page, and why On-page is important.

Website Google Friendly with 8 simple on page SEO steps

The difference between On-Page and Off-Page in SEO:

The path to Digital Marketing starts with SEO, and the first fundamental that you learn in SEO is on-page optimization.

  • On-page optimization comprises of a set of simple steps/guidelines to help your page turn Search Engine friendly.
  • Off-page is a technique to build backlinks where you rely on other websites to link back to your website.

The more the quality backlinks, the better are the chances of the web page ranking high in Google. Both the steps are equally necessary for SEO, where the Off-page starts when On-page SEO optimization is completed.

If you want your SEO strategy to succeed, always fix your website before you start making backlinks. Do not put the cart in front of the horse. You will fail in SEO, and all your blacklining effort will go futile.

Why is On-Page SEO Optimization Important?

On-page is the first step to SEO. It is essential because, for Google or any search engine, your website is ready – if and only if it meets a set of guidelines. Trust me, every single guideline missed by you gets the website penalized and makes all the off-page effort done by you “futile.”

Although the extent of the penalty is not clearly defined – it’s not a good practice to ignore the guidelines given by search engines.

The starting point to the guidelines is the steps to On-page optimization, which brings us to our topic – the 8 simple On-page steps to make your website google friendly.

Here are the Simple Steps:

It all starts with the Meta Title:

The first step to getting On-page right is to put your target keyword in the Meta title of the website page. As soon as Google reads the Meta title, the crawlers understand the keywords; you intend to rank for. Moreover, once you complete the next activities on the list, Google gets an idea of the right meaning of the blog/article.

To update the keyword in Meta, you can use one of the plugins like all in one SEO or Yoast in WordPress. Their easy to use interface helps you quickly update the Meta title.

Install All in On-SEO Plugin. At the end of every blog and page, you will find Meta tags with Blank title and empty Meta Description.

After adding the title in the box, you can check the preview of the title in the preview snippet. Here is a screenshot demonstrating how to update the Meta title using WordPress from one of our existing blogs that rank for keyword “EDP is associated with” :

Website Google Friendly with the 8 simples On-page SEO steps | MONTREAL SEO WEB AGENCY

Insert the Target Keyword in H1 Tag:

This SEO Optimization technique is the oldest activity in the book of SEO.

How do you update the H1 Tag on the page?

Here is a little help to help you update the same using WordPress:

Website Google Friendly with the 8 simples On-page SEO steps | MONTREAL SEO WEB AGENCY

In WordPress CMS, H1 Tag is automatically added to the blog Title.

Once you have updated the primary keyword in H1 Tag, you have the option to update the rest of the keywords in H2, H3 tags.

Use the Target keyword in the first paragraph of the article

Once you are all set to write a blog, focus on using the target keyword in the first paragraph of the blog.

Though the keyword is required in the first paragraph from an on-page optimization perspective – it should not look unnaturally placed there just from an SEO Perspective.

The first paragraph is where you set the tone of the blog. The pitch should be perfectly written and must be able to engage the reader to read the blog further.

Here is how I started my last blog with the keyword “entrepreneurship development program” used in the first paragraph:

Website Google Friendly with the 8 simples On-page SEO steps | MONTREAL SEO WEB AGENCY

All images should have an “Alt text.”

Think of an image without an alt-text as someone without a name. You leave a nameless image on the internet, and search engines (despite all their smartness) get confused in mapping the image to any relevant keyword. Google will never understand the keyword for which this image should be associated with. Why is it essential to have the image linked to a keyword?

First and foremost, Google images search is a powerful tool. There are good chances your keywords will be read by Google and will rank in Google images search. Secondly, it’s a good SEO practice to stick to the guidelines provided by Google. Here are a few simple steps to demonstrate how you can set up alt text for images using WordPress:

Go To Dashboard and Click Media Tab. Then, go to Library Tab.

Website Google Friendly with the 8 simples On-page SEO steps | MONTREAL SEO WEB AGENCY

You can view all your uploaded media files. Select one media, and you can see the alt text box on the right side.

Update it according to the keyword.

Website Google Friendly with the 8 simples On-page SEO steps | MONTREAL SEO WEB AGENCY

Write long Blogs posts

I cannot emphasize enough on the value of writing a long, meaningful blog post. For a blog to have some value in SEO, the blog should be of a minimum of 1500+ words.

Writing a long-in depth blog is an on-page optimization technique which helps you two ways:

  1. You can quickly put LSI keywords in the blog without having to worry about keyword stuffing.
  2. You write content which provides value to website readers by writing an in-depth blog on the topic.
  3. Do not forget Internal Link Building:

We – the digital marketing spend sleepless nights waiting to get that one “valuable backlink” from an external website, which is ironic because while we go around hunting for new backlinks, we forget to get backlinks from our web pages in the same website.

The technique is “Internal Blacklining.”

The idea is to give a reference from the new blog to one of the existing blogs.

Here is an example of how we have implemented internal backlinking:

Website Google Friendly with the 8 simples On-page SEO steps | MONTREAL SEO WEB AGENCY

Why is responsive Website design so important?

Today, Google wants every website that shows in its search results to give the end-user a fantastic experience. When I write a fantastic user experience, the first thought to come to my mind is the look of a website.

Google being the market leader in search engines, would not want websites with unresponsive designs to show up in its listings.

Hence, Google, in pursuance of the better user experience policy, has started giving preferences to responsive websites.

As per Google’s rules – your website should resize or adjust on any device, including tablets, pcs, and mobile phones. Moreover, the website must work glitch-free on all browsers.

Google Website Speed is an essential factor

Google’s better user experience policy does not stop at responsive designs. The policy also includes fast websites. You must never ignore the website speed.

Google hates slow websites, as slow websites contribute negatively to user experiences. To check the speed of your web page, go and enter the web link on the next website “”

Here is our website’s current speed.

Website Google Friendly with the 8 simples On-page SEO steps | MONTREAL SEO WEB AGENCY

I know there is a scope for improvement, and we are working on the same, but to have reached here, we have used Image optimization and speed optimization plugins in WordPress. In addition to the above, we will soon move to a dedicated server. (We are at present hosted on a shared server).

What I wrote above, more or less covers the simple steps to On-page optimization. However, if you want to take it a step further. Here a few more advanced steps for you.

SEO tips advanced steps:

  1. Have URL structures that are easily read by Google crawlers.

An excellent example of an SEO Friendly URL structure is:

A bad example is:

  1. Show Social Media share icons by the side of the article and at the end of the article. The icons allow website readers to share the content written by you.
  1. Write a Meta description for the website page. The Meta description is the small text which Google usually displays with your web link in the rankings.
  1. Use a user-friendly layout.

I typically prefer a design where the content written by me takes 2/3 rd of pages width. I have nothing against blogs/articles that are written in ½ page, but website visitors have issues with these pages. They are not easy to read, and the ads next to them are a big turn off.

Always remember, Google keeps a check on how well end users receive your web page. The more they share your page on social media, the less is the bounce rate, and the more Google is going to give it preferential treatment in rankings.

A quick checklist to help you cover all steps to on-page optimization:

  • Does the title of your website have the base keyword you are targeting for the page?
  • Does the H1 Tag contain the main keyword you are targeting?
  • Is the main keyword available in the first paragraph of your article?
  • Is alt text written for the image used on the web page?
  • Is your blog at least 1500 words long?
  • Have you given a backlink to any of your existing pages from the new blog? If yes, does it have the right keyword as the anchor text?
  • Is your website design responsive?
  • Is your website fast?
  • Does your website link have an SEO Friendly URL Structure?
  • Are social media share icons there in the blog post?

Always put a tick in front of the above points before you get down to building backlinks. On-page SEO is not rocket science. It’s an implementation of good practices that make your website Google Friendly.

Author Bio

Jasmeet is a founder of Lessons at Startup – A blog where he shares entrepreneurial stories. He specializes in Digital Marketing and Content Writing. He is addicted to Google News, Netflix, Good Coffee, and Quora J.

Are you ready to start a new SEO, project ? We’d love to talk to you. On parle aussi français. Nous aimerions vous parler. Contact us today !


Complete SEO Checklist to Rank on First Page of Google in 2020 | MONTREAL SEO WEB AGENCY

Complete SEO Checklist to Rank on First Page of Google in 2020

As you may or may not know yet, SEO can make a huge difference. You’ll wonder to know that SEO can bring hundreds of thousands of visitors per month, mostly from Google and major media sites, including all other popular search engines.

In this blog post, I’m going to show you my complete SEO checklist for 2020. This is the same checklist that Brian Dean (Entrepreneurs call Brian Dean, SEO Genius) has used to get first page Google rankings for competitive keywords like ‘keyword research tools’ and ‘SEO campaign’.

Complete SEO Checklist to Rank on First Page of Google in 2020

I’m going to walk you through the entire SEO checklist step by step. Keep reading…

When I first got started with SEO, I had no idea what I was doing, so I started to search for things like ‘How to get higher Google rankings’ and ‘How to SEO my site’ and despite following all the advice that I read my traffic didn’t budge. It was frustrating!

I developed a repeatable step by step SEO process, and that’s exactly what I’m going to share with you right now. So, let’s kick things off with step number one of this SEO checklist.

Step 1: Set up Essential SEO Tools and Plugins

Your first step is to make sure that you have three important SEO tools set up and ready to go.

The first tool that every site needs to have is:

#1 The free Google Search Console tools

Complete SEO Checklist to Rank on First Page of Google in 2020 | MONTREAL SEO WEB AGENCY

This tool makes it super easy to track your site’s performance in Google. It can also help you find technical SEO problems that are holding you back.

The most important of all, the Google Search Console shows you the exact keywords that you rank for and where you rank for them. And unlike third-party tools, this data comes straight from Google. So, you know it’s legit.

Complete SEO Checklist to Rank on First Page of Google in 2020

The next tool you want to set up is: 

#2 How to use Google Analytics for WordPress

Google Analytics is the best way to see how people find and use your website, but that’s just scratching the surface.

With Google Analytics, you can do all sorts of cool stuff like

  • 5 pages on your site that bring traffic
  • Identify the exact website that sends the traffic
  •  Your site bounce rate 
  • Pageviews
  • Time on site and lots more 

Finally, if your site runs on WordPress, you need to install the:

#3 Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress CMS

Complete SEO Checklist to Rank on First Page of Google in 2020 | MONTREAL SEO WEB AGENCY


Yoast is by far the most popular SEO plugin on the planet. And for a good reason, Yoast makes it super easy to make your WordPress site SEO friendly, right out of the box.

Now it’s time for the second step in this checklist

Step 2: Find Keywords that Customers Search for

 It’s no secret that keyword research is super important. 

The question is, how do you find keywords that your customers search for?

Here are 3 simple techniques:

laval SEO Google Website Content Keywords Web SEO Agency

 #1 Find long-tail keywords with Google suggest

To use this technique, type a keyword into Google, but don’t press enter or the search button. Instead, take a look at the keywords that Google shows you. Google only suggest keywords that people are actually searching for.

So, when you see a Google search suggestion, you know that lots of people are searching for that term.


#2 Find keywords with the Google Keyword Planner

Google keywords planner is Google’s official keyword research tool.

This tool is technically designed for Google ads, but it’s still super useful for SEO keyword research. To use it, just enter a seed keyword and check out the suggestions that the tool spits out, that’s all. Finally,

Complete SEO Checklist to Rank on First Page of Google

#3 Spy on online communities – Reddit Quora

Fortunately, this isn’t as creepy as it sounds! I’m talking about reading threads on sites like reddit, Quora , and online forms.

All you need to do is head over to the community and find questions that crop up again and again.

For example, I noticed that a big chunk of the threads on the paleo sub reddit or all about paleo keto desserts.

So, if you rent a site in the paleo niche terms like, ‘best paleo desserts’ and keto friendly desserts’ would be great keywords to target. 

With that let’s jump into step number 3 

Step 3: Keyboard Optimize Your Content 

You’ve installed all the important SEO tools, and you’ve found a handful of keywords. Now it’s time to optimize your site.

Here’s how. 

#1 Use your keyword(s) in the first 100 words of your page. Google puts more weight on terms that show up at the top of your page. So, make sure you use your keyword once in the first part.

For example, on this post, too, I’ve used the keyword ‘Complete SEO Checklist for 2020’ in the second part. 


#2 Use your keyword(s) at the beginning of every title tag

 Just like with the content of your pages, Google puts a little bit of extra weight on terms that show up early in your title tag.

For example, my main keyword for this post is ‘Complete SEO Checklist,’ and as you can see, my title tag starts with that keyword.


#3 Use short URLs that include your target keyword

You might have a question, why is this important? 

Well, a recent SEO industry study found a correlation between short URLs and higher Google rankings. You have to keep your URLs short and sweet.

The Short URL is one of the main reasons that this page is doing so well and driving us the most traffic. 


#4 Use keyword(s) in an H1, H2 or H3 tag 

SEO Google Website Contents Keywords Web SEO Agencys

To be honest, H tags are important. But every little bit helps, especially for trying to target competitive keywords.

For example, as mentioned, my main keyword for this page is the ‘Complete SEO Checklist’. So, I have used the exact keyword in h2 tags. 

Simple moving right along let’s quickly blasts through the fourth step in complete SEO checklist 

Step 4: Find and Fix Technical SEO Issues and Errors 

The truth is technical SEO problems can tack your rankings. So, if your site has technical SEO problems, you want to find and fix them right away.

Here’s how

#1 Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly

As you might hear, Google now runs on a mobile-first index. This means if your website is not optimized for mobile devices, they won’t rank.

Fortunately, you can easily see your site’s mobile-friendliness with the Google mobile-friendly test. Just pop in a page from your site, and Google will tell you whether or not your page is mobile-friendly.


#2 ID crawl errors 

Complete SEO Checklist to Rank on First Page of Google in 2020 | MONTREAL SEO WEB AGENCY

Crawl errors just mean that Google is having trouble indexing all the content on your site. And if they can’t index your page, it’s not going to rank.

You can easily find crawl errors in the Google search console using the coverage report.


#3 Improve your website’s page speed 

Complete SEO Checklist to Rank on First Page of Google in 2020 | MONTREAL SEO WEB AGENCY

Your site loading speed is a confirmed ranking factor. 

Now to be clear, in my experience, page loading speed isn’t going to make or break your rankings. But, in general, the fast your site loads the batter.

To evaluate your site loading speed, check out Google’s page speed insights and Both tools give you a benchmark for how quickly your site loads. They also hook you up with recommendations to help you speed things up. 

And now it’s time for the next step:

Step 5: Create Content Designed to Rank in Google 

There’s no denying, if you want to ranking in Google, you need to publish great content.

But what is great content exactly?

Its great content! In my mind, great content is content that ranks in Google. And now, I’m going to show you exactly how to create the type of content that ranks on the first page of Google.

#1 Create awesome content with the skyscraper technique 

The Skyscraper technique is a 3-step formula for creating amazing content. Many bloggers have used this technique to double their search engine traffic in almost no time. 

Here’s the 3-step process:

  1. Find a piece of content in your industry that’s popular
  2. Create something even better 
  3. Finally, promote that content

For example, if people are searching for ‘SEO for ecommerce’, then you have to type in the keyword on Google, pick up the top 10 blog posts that appear in the search results, and using these ten posts create your own super thorough and detailed content.

After you’re done with creating the content, promote the post on social media and using email our reach. 

Marketing De Contenu Publicité Les Blogueur Influenceurs

#2 Break your content down into chunks

Here’s the truth, no one and I mean no one likes reading giant walls of text. That’s why I always break things down into chunks because it makes my content super easy to read.

And because my content is easy to read my bounce rate, a key Google Ranking factor is super low. 


#3 Make sure to cover everything there is to know about your topic

As per the analyzation of over 1000000 Google searches, it has been found that a content that covers an entire topic in depth ranks above content that only covers part of a topic.

For example, remember that ‘ultimate guide on backlinks (above)’, I mentioned earlier, did so well it covered everything there is to know about backlink. 

Besides making your content in-depth you also want to use lots of multimedia on your page. I’m talking about stuff like images polls visual content video charts in infographics.

For example, I use to like the screenshots visuals and videos in pretty much every post.

Finally, if you want to double down on content formats that are working best right. A recent study from Brain Dean with Buzzsumo says that they analyzed almost 1 Billion blog posts, so what did we find:

Well, there was some good news and some bad news.

Let’s get the bad news out of the way the bad news is that, most content is completely ignored. We found that 94 percent of all published content gets 0 external links that’s right 0.

Now for the good news, certain content formats attract more backlinks than others. We found that ‘why post’, ‘what post’, and ‘infographics’ get significantly more backlinks than other content formats.

Speaking of links, it’s time for the last step in this checklist:

Step 6: Build Links to Your Website 

Complete SEO Checklist Rank First Page Google

Do backlinks are still important for SEO?

Yeah! A recent study by stone temple consulting found that backlinks are still one of Google’s most important ranking factors. The bottom line if you’re serious about ranking and Google, you need backlinks.

Let me walk you through a handful of like building strategies that are working great right now.

#1 Build backlinks using link roundups

Link roundups are one of my all-time favourite ways to get backlinks. Why? Because the entire point of round-up is to link to amazing content.

If you publish something amazing on your website there’s a good chance that you could get a link from a round-up.

#2 Build backlinks using strategic guest posting 

Please note, why do I say strategic guest posting and not just guest posting. It’s not to sound smart. That’s because guest posting can work, what you need to be strategic about it.

If you do guest posting the wrong way, your second gets slapped with the Google penalty.

Complete SEO Checklist Rank First Page Google

How do you do guest posting the right way?

The right way is to publish your guest post on a respected site and your niche.

The wrong way is to publish guest post on any website that has a ‘write for us‘ page even if the site has nothing to do with yours.

A good rule of thumb that I follow is to only guest posts on sites that are going to send me targeted traffic and related to our website. 

For example, this is also a guest post that I’ve published on this website because this blog focuses on digital marketing or related space. My website belongs to digital marketing too. This way, I can bring in a decent chunk of targeted traffic to my website.

The next strategy I want to show you is to:

#3 Go on a podcast as a guest

This is one of the most underrated link Building techniques on the planet. Just like with a guest post, you get a nice contextual link from your podcast appearance, but unlike a guest post, there is much less legwork.

You don’t need to set pitch topics or work with an editor; just schedule your interview and show up and provide value That’s it. 

Last, we have the age-old strategy of mentioning influencers in your content; this process can be any simpler.

#4 mention influential bloggers in your post and then let him know about it

Seriously that’s it! 

For example, whenever I publish a blog post, I use to reach out to those people that I’ve mentioned in my blog post. And they share my post. 

Final Words to Conclude:

SEO is important for a website for rankings on Google. It is equally important to keep in mind what comes under SEO. This is why I’ve gathered information from the web and created this blog post.

This blog post covers all you need to consider while doing SEO for your website.

Author’s Bio: Mayank Kumar is the Co-founder at TermInternet (Digital Marketing Agency) and a passionate writer. Till date, he has worked with several companies and startups to give them a kickstart and grow their business fast.

Complete SEO Checklist To Rank First Page Google

Do you have a question about Local SEO, are you ready to start a new project ? We’d love to talk to you in person by email or phone. On parle aussi français. Nous aimerions vous parler en personne, par courriel ou par téléphone. Contact us today !

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