Best SEO-friendly Website Builder Software in 2023

Best SEO-friendly Website Builder Software in 2023

When it comes to SEO, choosing the right website platform is one of the most critical decisions. In reality, you could launch a website on any builder or CMS, but not all of them are SEO-friendly. Spend 10 minutes of your time to understand what makes a platform SEO-friendly and, of course, to discover which five website builders are the most optimized for search engine promotion.

What Makes a Website Builder SEO-Friendly?

Website builders offering advanced SEO are characterized by a number of essential features. These include customizable URLs, title tags, meta descriptions, header tags, and alt text for images. Moreover, SEO-friendly website builders prioritize mobile-responsive design, fast loading speeds, and secure HTTPS protocols. They also enable integration with key analytics and SEO tools, such as Google Analytics and MOZ.

Why are these features crucial? They significantly influence a website’s visibility on search engines. Customizable URLs and meta tags ensure search engines accurately understand and index content. Furthermore, site speed and mobile compatibility are crucial Google ranking factors, while HTTPS security is fundamental for user trust and overall site reputation. With the integration of SEO tools, website builders provide insights into performance, informing the refinement of an effective SEO strategy.

Top 5 SEO-friendly Website Builders

The website builders featured here have been handpicked based on their superior SEO capabilities, user-friendliness, customization options, pricing structure, and customer feedback. Particular emphasis has been placed on builders that deliver a robust suite of SEO tools while catering to diverse business needs.

Best SEO-friendly Website Builder Software in 2023 | SEO WEB AGENCY is a celebrated open-source website builder recognized for its adaptability and rich plugin ecosystem. It’s equipped with an impressive array of advanced SEO features, including plugins like Yoast SEO and All in One SEO. These provide granular control over meta tags, sitemaps, and even schema markup, offering more flexibility than most competitors. However, its sophisticated tool set can overwhelm beginners with SEO. Despite being free, hosting expenses can range from $3 to $35 per month. With its advanced control over SEO, is an excellent choice for tech-savvy individuals and businesses.

Best SEO-friendly Website Builder Software in 2023 | SEO WEB AGENCY


As a leading e-commerce website builder, Shopify stands out for its comprehensive sales tools. It incorporates various SEO features like editable title tags, meta descriptions, SSL support, and clean, customizable URLs. Although it’s easy to use, it doesn’t support customizable sitemaps or other advanced SEO features. With pricing starting from $29 per month for the basic plan, Shopify is a worthy investment for e-commerce businesses, especially those focusing on product optimization.

Best SEO-friendly Website Builder Software in 2023 | SEO WEB AGENCY


Weebly is another user-friendly website builder that offers an array of design choices. With basic SEO tools including meta tags, alt tags for images, and automatic sitemaps, it has enough to meet the requirements of small businesses and personal sites. However, Weebly’s lack of SEO features for multilingual websites and advanced schema markup may limit its application for larger, more complex sites. Weebly’s affordability is a strong point, offering a free plan, with premium plans starting from $6 per month.

Best SEO-friendly Website Builder Software in 2023 | SEO WEB AGENCY


Known for its effortless drag-and-drop interface, Wix is a versatile builder that caters to a broad range of needs. Its SEO capabilities include customizable URLs, title tags, meta descriptions, and automatic sitemap generation. Wix also offers an SEO Wiz tool, providing personalized plans and tracking to improve your site’s visibility. Some critics cite limited flexibility due to its drag-and-drop nature. Wix pricing starts at $14 per month, making it a good fit for individuals and businesses seeking an easy-to-use platform with decent SEO capabilities.

Best SEO-friendly Website Builder Software in 2023 | SEO WEB AGENCY


Squarespace, another contender in the website builder scene, is popular for its stunning, design-centric templates. Beyond aesthetics, Squarespace brings valuable SEO features to the table, such as clean URLs, automatic tagging, and mobile-responsive design. It also provides robust integration with Google Search Console for tracking website performance.

Squarespace’s downside is the absence of certain advanced SEO features, like AMP support, which could limit its effectiveness for high-traffic websites. The pricing for Squarespace starts at $12 per month. Given its seamless blend of aesthetics and SEO functionality, Squarespace is an ideal choice for creatives and small businesses aiming to establish a visually captivating web presence without compromising on SEO Company.

How to Choose the Best SEO-friendly Website Builder for You?

Selecting the right SEO-friendly website builder is a decision unique to every individual or business. Key considerations include the extent of SEO features you need, your comfort with using these features, your budget, and the specific needs of your project.

For instance, if you run an e-commerce business, Shopify might be ideal due to its specific e-commerce features. Conversely, if you want complete control over your website’s SEO, and you’re comfortable with a more complex interface, would be a strong contender.

Moreover, factor in your plans for growth. A small business might be well-served with Weebly or Wix initially, but as traffic and content grow, you might need to transition to a platform with more advanced SEO capabilities.

Remember, SEO is a long-term commitment. It’s not about instant results but rather sustained growth over time. Therefore, your website builder should be able to scale with your SEO efforts and remain relevant as SEO trends evolve. In short, choose a platform that aligns with your business objectives, your technical proficiency, and your SEO goals.

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