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We will custom your website to your requirements and ensure it gets on page number one of the search engines Google, Yahoo, and Bing. We offer a complete service of SEM = SEO + SEA + SMO. Online advertising and digital marketing. Our developers are devoted to giving only the most effective layouts. Any kind of developer can create an attractive site. However, it takes more significance than a beautiful looking website to convince a client that you are the very best choice.


SEO Audit

Our company will give you for free an SEO report, Obtain a full list of errors that are impeding your site from achieving or a better ranking. This analysis focuses on each solution based on possible website traffic.


SEO Consultation

15 minutes – SEO Expert Consultant Give us a call, quick chat to see if we are the right SEO companies for your business. To optimize and improve rankings. The consultation is for preliminary.


Keyword Research

Find keywords that have not been used by the competition yet. Discover terms that you would not have thought they are used in your niche. Then we will present an SEO strategy for the first page. Next, build content!

Google Webmaster Guidelines 2021 Search Quality

Every time someone is searching on Google, more than 200 factors are taken to calculate the relevance of each page. It is only a few milliseconds for the search engines to complete. It is essential to have the right keywords to get your website indexed in the search result. We do not work against Google; we do what it overtakes for Google to love your commercial website. With our SEO company, you will have natural and fast results without receiving a possible penalty.

SEO Services in Montreal, Quebec - Local 3 Pack

If your company counts on clients within a specific geographical location, we will undoubtedly compose a several organic listing by recording the leading spot on Maps. We will, after that, integrate that with the prominent natural result giving you direct exposures to the first page. 

Our SEO company will ensure your industry is discovered in local searches as wellspring as showing up on Local 3-Pack in the leading place. Improving your listing by motivating positive testimonials as well as getting citations from authority websites and portals are all a component of our Search Engines Optimization SEO plan.

It is essential that your website obtain high positions organically and also GMB so you can maximize your direct exposure on the first web page.

Tips for Making Your Business a Success


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About the SEO Trench team

We are a small Montreal SEO company, focusing on SEO + SEA + SMO  + GMB, Maps, and Search Engine Optimization SEO. Digital marketing company based in Montreal QC, Canada. We also offer a service plan for social media.

Contact us If you want to know information about our expertise, or help from experts: for better user experience, optimize site design, building domain backlinks. Internet visibility, a writing project. Questions about mobile performance page speed. Video campaign strategy.


Does Your Small Business in Montreal Need More Customers?

Search Engine Optimization SEO exposes your website to potential clients who are looking mainly for your products and services in the search results, without the demand to spend on PPC expensive ad systems. Your website can place for a wide range of good terms and thousands of keywords, as well as phrases and real visitors more affordable than if you paid Google to utilize Google Ads. The gains by boosted position and the natural result should be the same price you intend to have been used to, gaining that same traffic with paid methods.

A lot of good companies we have handled in Montreal, Quebec, Canada will undoubtedly continue to see natural and organic web traffic and lead for several years while paying the exact same expense for Search Engine Optimization SEO monthly. Further, most leads, as wellspring as a transaction, are derived from gained placement on Google’s first page.

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