SEO Risks that Could Prove to Be Fruitful

SEO Risks that Could Prove to Be Fruitful

More often than not, business success stories are focused on risk-taking. Risks are an integral part of running a business, and sometimes it is critical to take risks. However, you must keep in mind that chances are not supposed to pay off every time. It is quite natural to be nervous, but you need to be fully prepared to tackle the repercussions of risks if you wish to reach your goals and fulfill your business aspirations. However, you need to contemplate if the risk is worth taking or it is best left alone.

You may take individual SEO decisions, to gain traffic and boost transactions on your site. Still, it pays to do some research and gather sufficient background information on different choices you make so that you do not have to repent in the future. This certainly does not automatically imply that you should not take any risks; it merely means you must take a calculated risk to shine online. SEO involves smart risk-taking. However, you must know to identify the risks that should better be avoided.

An effective SEO stratagem would be taking several months before yielding any positive outcomes for an organization. However, with a lot of hard work and sheer patience, it could make a remarkable improvement in an organization’s overall online exposure and ROI. As per most people do SEO the wrong way.


They are generally looking at ways of putting in the least effort for obtaining fantastic initial returns, but in reality, it is just the opposite. SEO is certainly a skill that could be mastered with experience, but you must put in a tremendous amount of hard work for obtaining the least impressive initial return. Moreover, initially, Google would not trust you. You simply cannot earn a top ranking on the SERP if Google doesn’t consider you as trustworthy. It is quite natural for you to get lost in the awful crowd of low-ranking pages.

Many organizations are quite nervous and tentative about experimenting with something new and unfamiliar, but the fact remains that all business decisions would be involving some risks. Similarly, even though SEO means serious business, it does carry certain risks. Some of them should better be left alone, while others could culminate in severe and sudden growth. You must keep in mind that the risk of adversely impacting the overall SEO value of your organization could prove to be instrumental in boosting SEO gains, particularly when you seem to be experiencing a dip in organic rankings. Let us explore some Search Engine Optimization risks taking and some that should be better avoided.

SEO Risks that Could Prove to Be Fruitful

Testing and Making Minor & Major Modifications

The primary objective of SEO is to gain traffic and boost transactions on your site. None of these will take place if no one bothers to click on your site. Even if your website is ranking well for specific keywords, nobody seems to be clicking on your site’s link. There could be a host of reasons for this. You would certainly take some time to pinpoint exactly why your website is not performing as per your expectations.

We know that Google is always looking for the most relevant links to appear when somebody searches. If nobody seems to be clicking precisely on your listing, it is but natural for Google to consider your page as irrelevant for that specific search phrase. Henceforth, it would not list you.


Moreover, you would not be listed if your descriptions and Meta titles are mediocre. This seems to be a nice opportunity for A/B testing diverse Meta description and Meta title combinations on different pages. A/B testing seems to be the only way out. You must consider taking one element individually at a time. You could take the titles, or the Meta descriptions or the content, etc. and consider testing each part against new variations.

After examining the Meta information of your page, if Meta description and title tags are incomplete, there would be some scope for improvement for optimizing for CTR along with a broader spectrum of keywords. This could be a chance for optimizing the page. Consider documenting when you had optimized it. You could then consider evaluating the results. If all this generates positive outcomes, you could consider doing this for different pages.

SEO Risks that Could Prove to Be Fruitful

It would naturally take some trial and error for coming with the perfect wording, as well as layout combination that leads to a boost in transactions and maximum website traffic. At this juncture, you may come across a combination that doesn’t seem to work at all and culminates in a reduction in your existing traffic. It is worth taking the risk because once you identify the best outcomes, you could consider focusing on that specific element and go on driving more traffic and gaining much-enhanced returns.

As modifications are being made, you must consider documenting what was actually modified, when was it changed and the precise date when Google had first re-crawled it after the modification.

This would be helping you in correlating ranking movements specifically to the adjustments or changes made. You must consider using a powerful keyword rank checker to make sure that your data is useful and valid.

SEO Risks that Could Prove to Be Fruitful

Change Your Website Design or Overhaul Your Website

As per an expert at SEJ, this is a risk worth taking to boost your site’s SEO. We understand that people are usually scared of making drastic changes to their web design since it could generate some negative SEO effects such as scare away readers, losing link juice, or confuse the search engine bots suppose there are issues with the source code, etc. However, you could change back website design if necessary. Moreover, website design change could prove to be successful if done with perfection.

If you have been contemplating a change in website design, go ahead with it as it is a risk worth taking. You may seek expert SEO assistance and digital marketing from OnlineImpact360 for perfect business solutions.

Your websites must be redesigned and updated from time to time. In this context, you must understand that website redesigns could prove to be expensive, time-consuming and pretty risky. Your site may be looking obsolete and outdated, and it is time for a new facelift. Maybe your website seems SEO optimized but not navigable for human users. It is high time you considered taking the risk of overhauling your site.

However, there is a potential risk of losing and alienating your loyal customers who had by this time gotten used to your website.


Giving and Receiving High-Quality Backlinks

Why do you think one organization would consider featuring a link to some other organization’s website and take the risk of losing the user? In this context, you must acknowledge that backlinks are an integral and well-established element of SEO, and most organizations are happy to get as many as possible.

Backlinks are instrumental in boosting your rankings and building trust. For gaining something right and being a website with maximum links, you would consider giving back a bit. You may consider taking the risk of losing some of your web visitors when you provide links to some other top-class sites. However, you end up convincing Google that you are referencing trustworthy sites with proven authority.

You must, however, remember that web pages that deliberately include spammy links, malicious, and low-grade websites face the risk of being penalized by Google.

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Some SEO Risks that You Should Avoid

By this time, you have some clues regarding what SEO risks could be worth giving a try. It is high time, you learn about SEO risks that you must avoid safeguarding your business from any harm.

Doorway pages are supposed to be easily created and quite simple. These doorway pages could be created in batches for targeting specific keyword groups and keywords. Reliable SEO experts would generally avoid using doorway pages since, on principle, Google immensely dislikes them and would be penalizing websites that are using them.

The low opinion that Google has of such web pages could be a good enough reason for avoiding this specific risk. The only exception to this rule is precise doorway pages that are known for providing clear valuable and unique content and accurate information to the visitors on the site.

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Not Allowing Neutral Backlinks

Your website would be benefited from good quality backlinks, not poor quality stuff. What should be your stance for neutral backlinks that do not end up hurting your SEO and web ranking? These neutral backlinks may not promise an SEO boost for your site, but they would not penalize your site. The Google Penguin Update imposed specific penalties for awful backlinks since the search engine has realized that the sites on their own have no control over the sites that link to them.

SEO is integral to the success of any business. There are several risks involved with SEO. We know that some risks could be taken as they generate favorable outcomes for a business. There are yet other risks that could harm and hamper an organization’s online presence and digital marketing strategy. You need to work with a reliable SEO company that is known to adhere to ethical SEO or follow white hat techniques only.

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