5 Ways to Promote Mobile Apps Social Media Increase Customers

5 Ways to Promote Mobile Apps Social Media Increase Customers

Mobile marketing is turning the era of digital, and some of the vital facts prove this to be definite. One point says that more than 85% of users consume their time on mobile apps as compared to the remaining users on websites.

The second fact says that more than 5% of web users have smartphones, and more than 60% of them prefer to access all types of content via a mobile app rather than using a desktop website. One more fact says that nearly 83% of B2B marketers said mobile apps are a required tool for digital and content marketing”. Do you find it interesting?

All these facts are accurate. Many businesses are looking at the power of mobiles in their digital methodologies, and a wide range of these businesses have taken powerful steps to develop a mobile application for their business. So, no one can deny the importance of having a mobile app in this digital era to improve their business presence and increase revenue.

If you already have a mobile app for your organization, then you have passed the first milestone. What is after this milestone? Yes, the promotion and reach of your business via your mobile app. Getting your app noticed and accessible by mobile users inevitably increases your customers’ range and business revenue.

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Why does social media marketing need a mobile app?

Most mobile app developers usually think that making their app visible and accessible on Google Play Store and App Store is sufficient, and here their task ends. But, it is not valid, as the primary job starts from here. Because accessibility doesn’t have any meaning until it doesn’t have required downloads by users.

Mobile app developers and organizations invest a lot of money to get users initially. The way can be any like paid ads, sharing, and doing promotional activities. But it can’t give a long-term benefit to your business; on the other hand, it drains away a lot of your financial resources. And it is also not sure that the user will keep your app on their smartphones for a long time.

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Let’s check why social media marketing is required for your mobile app?

  • Boost up the downloads of your app on Google Play and App Store
  • Promote the mobile app even it is not launched in the market
  • Keep your existing users engaged and informed
  • To keep the buzz alive
  • Begin word-of-mouth

A well-organized social media marketing strategy is the best answer to promote your app without worries.

5 Ways to Promote Mobile Apps on Social Media

How can you market your mobile app effectively?

Every week on Google Play Store and App store, thousands of apps are uploaded. If you are new to the market, then you must know that competition is very high, and it is very typical to succeed. Users need something different every time, and in this manner, the app market is bustling providing various features to the users. If you want users’ attention and potential towards your app, and you must find out the answers for some basic queries in the development process:

  1. How do you make your app rank and discover traffic originally in search engines?
  2. How to ensure that your app is getting required downloads and creating value for money?
  3. How to ensure that your potential and targeted users are downloading your app?

5 Ways to Promote Mobile Apps on Social Media

Always pay attention to the marketing model

The time spent by mobile users adds up by 25% and the money also adds up by 40%, which is near about making $35 billion. However, this big money is not divided equally among all the apps available on the app stores. Developing an application is one thing that is different from promoting. You can develop an excellent app that works well, but it may be possible that it doesn’t get a good rank. In the present era, the best method to create awareness and get attention towards your application or even the best promotion is only possible with social platforms.

You should notice the above three queries and implement the answers in your marketing model. To get real success, it is necessary to perform the best strategies and choose the promotion channel for your app. But with the implementation of a successful and resourceful strategy, you also need to maintain the cost of your application and save it from making it unprofitable.

5 Ways to Promote Mobile Apps on Social Media

Know the best channels where you can promote your app?

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Quora

Once you settled on your social strategy, you can start with your selected platforms. You find it relevant for your business.


Instagram has more than 800 million users across the world. It has become the biggest social media platform out there. Having a decent presence among the users is ideal for promoting your app on this platform.


Facebook is the biggest and most renowned platform across the world. It is a powerful social media channel to promote your content, products, and services. There are many ways through which you can improve your app on Facebook. Here you can also get user feedback, their attention, and generate buzz.


One of the best things about Twitter is that you can reach anyone just by tagging their handle, mentioning them in your tweets, or replying to them in a conversation. Before choosing any of these social media channels for promoting your app you must know the critical elements mentioned below:

  • Budget
  • Design language
  • Your targeted audience and region where you want to promote your app
  • Competitors and their methodologies
  • The tone of voice and content

Additionally, the app market is increasing and changing constantly; the marketing strategies on any platform needed to market them efficiently are also evolving rapidly. Here are some of the best social marketing strategies you can implement to boost up your mobile app reach and business profit:

5 Ways to Promote Mobile Apps on Social Media

  1. Content is king – It is superior

Influencing the users on any social channel or any other platform content is the best resource. It advocates your views or thoughts properly and effectively. User-created content is what your customers put to show the value and review regarding your app. It works very well and offers an excellent way to know the deficiencies and cons available in your app.

More than 90% of consumers choose any app after checking out the reviews and recommendations. User-Generated content can be anything like a video, image, or anything that has words about your app, which they use on your social channels.

Consider the most significant example of the app named Angry Birds that has fired the YouTube channel. This highly popular and globally used gaming application took the advantage of the YouTube platform by storm by creating engaging and funny videos. They offered eye-catching, informative, and attractive videos for their users and got them attracted to their app.

The video promotion of any app is the best deal for any business to increase downloads and increase its revenue. You need to develop fun and exciting videos for your app. This is the best idea to make people excited to know about your app without pushing or forcing them hard in that. You need to promote their video content on different social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others.

Except for creating videos and increasing the downloads of your app, you can also write informative and attractive articles, quotes, blogs, PPTs, and others to get the attention of users to increase downloads of your app. The biggest you invest in creating high-quality content will give you the biggest in increasing downloads and increasing revenue. – Digitaltrends.com

Without any doubt, we can say that content is the best way to promote your app among users across the world. Know your motive and make it far easier with content sharing on social channels. It helps you to communicate with your customers in the most natural way you want to get them. So, frame engaging content and increase downloads of your app and the revenue of your business.

Always pay attention to the marketing model

  1. Incentive-based social media marketing

When you give rewards or incentives to your users for installing your applications through social channels, they not even download it but also share it with their friends and family members and also with other people. They also influence others to download your app and get something in return. It touches the hike of downloads of your app and helps you increase the business profit.

When a new brand comes in the market with an app, they must focus on their targeted customers and offer them something like a reward or incentive. You can offer them small bonuses, cashback offers, and digital rewards. So, never forget to reward your customers for promoting your app indirectly.

5 Ways to Promote Mobile Apps on Social Media

  1. Connect with social media influencers

Do you know about social media influencers? They are vital components of any brand media marketing method. Yes, all the people don’t have equal power on social channels, so you need to connect with social media influencers to do word-of-mouth marketing. It is a highly influential resource and helps you get significant revenues most quickly. You should connect with bloggers, professional social marketers to make your downloads better. They help you engage the readers in your content and download your application.

5 Ways to Promote Mobile Apps on Social Media

  1. Never push your audience

The time had gone when ads were used to describe the usage and features of the product. It is not a big deal to say that these traditional and intrusive marketing methods are now out of the window. Now customers need something extra. People just don’t go on your words, forcing them to buy anything that can decrease your customer list rapidly. Instead, they consider the products you offer. They first check the sellers who are making real connections with them. – buffer.com

Instead of creating useful content for your users, you need to offer them what they require. In this technological era, it is not a big surprise that social channels control a lot of traffic and customers for your mobile app. Leveraging social media for promoting your app can quickly bring thousands of dedicated customers in the minimum time. You can use communities and Facebook groups to spread your information rapidly among your targeted customers.

5 Ways to Promote Mobile Apps on Social Media

  1. Optimize your social media profile for search engines

Not a lot, make at least one social profile to keep your users in touch with your customers. You need to describe all the details regarding your app to make it more descriptive. Social media channels have a big influence on search engines. Optimizing and promoting an app via these channels increases the authority of your business on search engines. Sometimes share the links of your landing page or website links to increase app downloads.

Follow the above tips to increase your app downloads with rocket speed.

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