How to Be a Good Manager in 2022

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You may have been working hard towards your next career goal; becoming a manager. Dreaming of the time, your director will present an offer leader to your great next opportunity for leading your own team. Or maybe you are the exact opposite, you’ve been a manager for a while now, wanting to pizzazz your leadership style. Regardless of the two differences, becoming a manager is kinda like rocket science.

I’m sure the majority of us can remember having a stellar manager, and one that was just okay. Maybe that is why you stumbled upon this article — you want to be better when considering the next steps of your career.

Being in control of a whole team’s success can be stressful and nerve-racking. It’s like going bungee jumping off a cliff, hoping the rope has your back. Realistically, there aren’t any easy go-to step-by-step guides on how to be a perfect manager. Every company has a different set of goals, expectations, team members, and company structure. Luckily, Fundera connected the dots on some of the most common characteristics good managers have and how you too can better your practices to best fit your team.

Think about it, companies could succeed without a hardworking team standing behind them. Even with the development of AI robots in the workplace, they still haven’t mastered a seamless business structure without the act of human individuals. Not only do you need a strong team, but those teams also need a strong leader. Managers lead all phases of recruiting top talent to maintain work systems, procedures, and policies, they are the key root of it all.

How to Be a Good Manager in 2022 | SEO WEB AGENCY

Hosting a positive metal buildings company culture with the right management styles for your leadership team is essential to the success of your company. One study showed 56% of employees would turn down a 10 percent raise to stay with a great boss. Show the value your hires likely place on a  good working relationship with their boss and see the beautiful outcome.

Another recent study proved just how far manager appreciation influences employees’ performance — resulting in a whopping increase in productivity by 60%. Don’t be afraid to tell your team “thank you” for all their hard work and dedication.

Remember: Employees don’t leave their companies, they leave their managers.

What Are the Characteristics of a Good Manager?

Managers don’t just get handed their position just by chance, they had to work their butt off to get there. Whether that hard work was shown through being with the company long enough to learn all the in’s and out’s of the business structure, or mastering the industry on their own time, whatever it was, they earned their spot.

How to Be a Good Manager in 2022 | SEO WEB AGENCY

Leadership – Expertise From Experience

Successful leaders influence their team to come into the office with their best selves every day. They’re always looking at the big picture, thinking positively and proactively to reach their next set of goals in front of them and their team. Being a thoughtful leader is a key trait when demonstrating an empowering work environment. You will need to stand up for your team and be responsible for meeting the next goals together.

Most of the time, leaders have years of experience under their belt. Through those experiences, they have constantly looked after others, owned up to their actions, and exceeded expectations. Most importantly, successful managers have put in the needed time to master the industry they are managing. Not only does this help when questions arise, they also understand how to tackle every goal strategically within the industry they are in. You will be the expert on your team; help when someone is struggling.

Reliability & Time Management

Managers are the primary point of contact when something good or bad may happen. Managers pick up the slack whenever needed and answer all questions getting in the way. Showing you’re trustworthy, honest, and respectful of your team’s time, including your own, whilst putting out fires and celebrating the great achievements.

You are the point of contact for your director and your employees, answer your phone even during the times you really don’t want to.

Time management means using your schedule to optimize primary productivity and efficiency. Good managers schedule weekly, monthly, and yearly goals that are realistic, and pick up on cues that may mean their team is more stressed than usual. Optimize your team’s time and push for a better tomorrow, as you and your team continue to strive for success. You are the controller of time, use it wisely.

How to Be a Good Manager in 2022 | SEO WEB AGENCY

Communication & Organization

Communication is key in about every element of life. Effectively communicating clear expectations can point team members in the right direction and ensure constant progress, even when times get tough. As the point of contact, you must master the ability to communicate effectively. 

When managers combine their time management and communication skills to set clear expectations, it is all about putting those goals into action. Organizing steps to reach goals without adding stress to the team is a very strategic puzzle. The best manager hosts meetings frequently to communicate what is needed and keep every member on task and prepared to meet goals. You control the team, you control their time, and you must be organized at doing so. Ways to Become a Better Manager

Even though there are certain characteristics great managers have, there is a time to put them into action if you haven’t already. We have thought up 7 ways to create consistent steps to becoming the best manager you can be.

How to Be a Good Manager in 2022 | SEO WEB AGENCY

Onboard Successfully

Providing the necessary tools and strategies for success makes a world of a difference when it comes to the strength of your companies structure. Millennials are especially vulnerable to poor onboarding materials with how available other career opportunities are. Follow the four C’s; Compliance, clarification, culture, and connection. This has the opportunity to set your company culture apart from the 80% of companies that report unsuccessful onboarding strategies.

Improve Time Management

Constantly set goals for yourself and your team to work towards. Having a benchmark to hit pushes teams a little farther than they think they could reach on their own. Without planning ahead, mapping out time and goals for each stage of business processes can make things a little messy. Utilize time management by knowing your goals, spending time on priorities, organizing, and knowing time is your friend, not the enemy.

How to Be a Good Manager in 2022 | SEO WEB AGENCY

Communicate Effectively

Setting the tone of your team culture, and what needs to be done, repeat when needed, and creating a proper framework for employees to clarify any missed information. Encourage feedback and listen to all questions or concerns that arise through this process.

Motivate and Inspire Your Team

First, demonstrate that you trust your employee’s abilities to get the job done, and done well. Offering bonuses or prizes is always a plus, and don’t forget to invest in your employees — even if that is with taking the time to assist when needed, invest in training, or giving a well-deserved raise. Constantly remind them of the positive impact they have on the company, and go out of your way to tell them you recognize their hard work.

How to Be a Good Manager in 2022 | SEO WEB AGENCY

Lead by Example – Monkey see, monkey do.

It’s in our blood to mimic those around us to fit in. Being a good managerial figure has the ability to set the standard for the company and what is expected by each individual. Be sure to watch what you say, respect the chain of command, listen to the team, take responsibility, and let the team do their own thing — this will provide your company with the essential building blocks for success.

Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Setting Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-Based goals to ensure your team is motivated and inspired to reach new heights without feeling overwhelmed. Know exactly what you want your team to achieve and set small tasks leading up to that goal. Always push for innovation, help when needed, track insights, and learn from your mistakes.

How to Be a Good Manager in 2022 | SEO WEB AGENCY

Be Consistent

Over everything else, stay consistent with your managerial actions. Always be there when someone on your team is asking for help, communicated effectively, and host a positive team environment, one that employees would be overjoyed to become a part of.

Becoming a successful manager means way more than many think when considering a managerial position — yet it is one of the most rewarding. Successful managers want their team and company to succeed, their heart and passion are in the game until the end of time. They’re there whenever someone needs it, and they put in the long hours to be rewarded for such activity.

If you are already a manager, you are doing things right. The good managers are always the ones that are striving to do better. And I’m sure you stay motivated from remembering that feeling of warmth in your chest when you alongside your team kick butt. has created an easy go-to infographic on the 7 Ways to Becoming a Better Manager and what you should or shouldn’t do when striving for success.


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