Guide to Improve SEO for Insurance Companies and Agents

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When people are in the market to buy an insurance policy, their search usually begins with the internet. They often use mobile devices to conduct online searches, and your insurance products could be exactly what they are looking for. And if they are unable to see you in top search results, they will definitely turn to the next best option.

This is the reason, you should spend enough time and effort on increasing your visibility in search engines to get more eyeballs on your services and increase conversions. This is where SEO (search engine optimization) comes into play.

Keep reading the article to learn more about SEO for insurance companies and how you can bring it into your organization for more leads and sales.

Guide to Improve SEO for Insurance Companies and Agents | SEO WEB AGENCY

Do keyword research

Phrases or words used by internet users when looking for answers or favorite products online are known as keywords. Doing keyword research helps you build a robust list of relevant keywords, so you can cover the topics that are popular among prospective customers. A well-researched keyword list helps your team understand the user intent and expectations. As a result, they can develop better marketing materials and campaigns to reach a wider audience effectively. When doing keyword research for your company to get more life insurance customers, you should consider things like:

  • Unique value proposition
  • What you are offering the above competitors
  • What benefits your customers will get from your offerings

This will help you identify the right audience and keywords to answer their questions and queries while presenting your insurance services as the best solution to their needs.

Guide to Improve SEO for Insurance Companies and Agents | SEO WEB AGENCY

Organize your website structure

Before you create a copy for your insurance website, ensure your site structure is sensible and flows flawlessly. If your website is hard to navigate, your visitors will bounce away to visit your competitors, no matter how much quality content you have. To please your visitors and make them stay longer, you should make your website easy to navigate and mobile-friendly.

Guide to Improve SEO for Insurance Companies and Agents | SEO WEB AGENCY

Create quality content

After choosing the right keywords and organizing the website structure, now it is time to think about creating quality content to answer customer queries and questions. You have a list of questions asked all the time from insurance clients. So, start creating quality and informative content to make sure all the queries are addressed properly within your insurance website or blog. Your team should be aware of all the modern SEO strategies to create SEO-friendly content that resolves customer queries and issues.

Your content can be anything ranging from a blog post about getting life insurance quotes online to comparing different funeral insurance policies or how to handle different types of insurance claims, etc. Informative and problem-solving content will help you get more clicks and improve your rankings in search results.

Guide to Improve SEO for Insurance Companies and Agents | SEO WEB AGENCY

Get positive customer reviews and ratings

Positive reviews as an important factor when it comes to ranking higher in search results with your insurance products. Insurance plans and policies with lots of positive and verified reviews can perform well in search results. That’s why it is significant to get more reviews and ratings to improve brand images and rankings for an insurance agency in search engines. When your products are reviewed positively, your customers work as your brand ambassadors to help you drive more organic traffic and generate leads.

Guide to Improve SEO for Insurance Companies and Agents | SEO WEB AGENCY

Generate more backlinks

Backlinks are indispensable for higher search engine rankings. So, you should be building strong backlinks for your insurance company to appear in top SERPs. Creating informative long-form content on your website, blogger outreach, guest posts, and infographics are some of the best ways to generate organic backlinks for your insurance company website.

When you upload quality and informative content on your website on a regular basis, you are more likely to get other sites to link back to your content in their posts. Writing content for other relevant websites (guest posts) in the industry also helps you generate links for your website to experience an increase in your search engine rankings.

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