27 Ways to Earn Money on your Website

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Nowadays, people want to take advantage of the internet and earn money from it. We want to make the best that we can with its power.

It became possible because technology has pushed us to create another world, the online world where everything and everyone is connected. Since we can easily do anything with the internet, people are able to find ways to make money from it. We see businesses, and even influencers, using the online world as their source of income.

You may wonder, how is it possible to earn money online? Well, we want you to know that it is possible. If you have a website and you have already built a reputation, you can find hundreds of ways to make money from it. Here we present to you the most common and uncommon ways you can use your website to bring you some extra cash. You will be surprised that there are a lot of possible ways to get money out of your blog. 

Ways to Earn Money from your Website

Affiliated Links the existence of influencers and bloggers have brought to life the marketing technique known as Affiliate Marketing. This strategy has given both the owner of the business and the person promoting the link benefits. In affiliate marketing, businesses reach out to bloggers or influencers to promote their products. Website owners will insert links of a brand on their blog post, and here they began to earn money.

There are two ways you can earn money with this link. It could either be by CPC or CPA. CPC is known as cost-per-click. In this method, when someone clicks on the link, even without purchasing any items from the business, you’ll get paid. However, the money you earn here is not as much as the CPA or cost-per-acquisition affiliate marketing.

In CPA, conversion is the key to earning money. This marketing strategy means that when someone clicked on your link and purchased something on the website, you get paid. It may be a bit difficult to turn visitors into paying customers, but when done, you generate more.

Earn Money on your Website - content products sell

Sell on your Website

Selling on your website is the first way you can generate income. There are ways you can set up a store on your website. There are e-Commerce companies like Shopify, Squarespace, and OpenCart that are not complicated to manage. These sites are easy to control, and you can post your products in no time.

Some of these e-commerce sites are even free. However, it is also good to remember that aside from posting products on your site, you also have to work hard to market your products. You can use social media to reach out to potential customers and drive them to your website. All you have to do is learn how to create attention-grabbing content. – Softvire

Make tutorial presentations on your website

Many people think that a title can be evocative enough for readers, to know what to expect when they consult your tutorial, but this is not true! As soon as you introduce your tutorial, explain to your readers how your tutorial will be useful. Don’t just give them the main steps to follow and tell them why it is interesting for them to follow them. If, for example, you are writing a tutorial on how to use vnRom Bypass Apk.

When writing a tutorial, your mission is to teach your readers how to do something. Also, never assume that the reader knows things and therefore takes care to address him as if he had no knowledge on the subject. To make it easy for them to follow you, be clear and concise. It is out of the question that the Internet user could get lost along the way because you have omitted a piece of information or, on the contrary, because you have drowned him under a mass of information.

Break down your tutorial into steps, in order to improve the user’s experience and to allow him to follow the tutorial easily, it is relevant that you break it down into different steps.

These steps must be simple. Favor a larger number of steps and a lesser complexity for each of them. If appropriate, give each step a title. The reader will then know what to expect, and the tutorial will certainly gain clarity.

The perfect example of web pages with tutorials that bring relevant leads to your website:

Google Adsense for website owners 

Google has found a way for website owners or bloggers to earn money. With Google Adsense, all you need is an account, and then you are good to go. First, you need to sign up for a Google Adsense account. Once you have signed in, Goggle’s bots will crawl into your website and check on your content and the traffic you have. After this, Google will start posting ads on your site that are related to your content. Therefore, if you are reading an article about makeup, you’ll be seeing ads about makeup. When some click the ads, website owners get paid for it. Try to set up an account now to earn some extra cash.

Consulting in finance and business

If you are confident that you are an expert in a particular field, you can start earning money with your skill. You can open a consulting website for people who need some advice. You’ll be surprised as to how many people or businesses, no matter how successful it is, will seek help from experts. One of the most popular fields of consultancy is in finance and business. If you have years of experience in these fields, then you can turn your knowledge into a passive income. 

Earn Money on your Website - content products sell

Sell Ad Space

Signing up with Google Adsense is also selling space on your website for ads to run by Google. However, if you’ll be selling space for your ads without the aid of Google, you have to do most of the work. When you sell space on your website, you are able to choose which part of your site, you can place the ads on. In addition, you can also decide the price of the ad. However, the downside of this is that the cost per click depends on your website’s traffic. If you have a lot of traffic entering your site, you can increase the price of your ad.

Online Courses skill on a particular subject

Similar to consulting, if you have cultivated a skill on a particular subject, you can use this to earn extra money. You can offer online classes to anyone, especially beginners. Using your skill is a smart move to earn extra cash because people will spend money to acquire knowledge. But, attending a traditional classroom style of learning is not what most want. Therefore, online courses became an option to supplement them with the knowledge they need. People like online classes because it’s affordable, and they can easily fit it into their schedule.

Accept Donation – Some websites ask for donations

If you think donations are only for charity work, then you need to think again. Some websites ask for donations to their visitors or loyal followers for them to maintain their site. These donations don’t just come for free, as website owners still need to produce topics that are valuable to their readers. Some sites that often accept donations are websites that create podcasts as their content. Another popularly known website to produced free content but accepts donations is Wikipedia. If you want to earn money through your website, produce valuable content so that your readers will pay you in return.

Earn Money on your Website - content products sell

Sponsored Post

If you have a particular niche, and you make great content, brands will reach out to you. It may be challenging and scary to accept sponsored posts because you think you might lose some of your readers. However, this is possible. All you have to do is to accept ads or companies whose products or values are in line with your website’s niche. Do not accept and write a post about a brand of watch, when your website is all about IT products. Accept posts that you can create well-written content and include the product. Make sure that it also benefits the reader in order not to annoy them.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is another way to earn some money. However, this is a bit complicated than other ways to make money on your website. You’ll need to have to know how to create a great and enticing call to action for readers. You also have to reach out to companies and proposed to them if they want to team up with you. In lead generation, you don’t sell a product, instead you direct customers to potential services they might need. The only time you’ll generate income from this is when the reader signed up for that service.


Online content is slowly replacing newsprints and magazines. That’s why publication companies try to move to create digital content. More and more websites and big companies create valuable content for their readers, and since they know people like what they create, they then use this content to generate money. If your website has a large amount of traffic and you have loyal readers, it’s time to create great content for them. You can start making subscription packages. These packages include content that is exclusive to members only. Every month you have to create premium content that your readers will receive.

Earn Money on your Website - content products sell

Review Products

Writing product reviews is a simple way you can earn money from your website. You can review products that are specific or related to your website’s niche. However, if your website’s all about product review, then you can accept any product. If your website generates a lot of traffic, companies will reach out to you to review their products. You could either be paid for free products or with cash.

Sell Your Website

Selling your website is the best way to earn money, as you will be selling your website’s right to someone. But we have included this on the list because if you have multiple websites with a large amount of monthly traffic, you can sell them. Your blog will cost a lot if this is the case.

Sell Digital Products

At the beginning of this post, we have mentioned that you can sell products on your website. Selling online will help you monetize your blog. But aside from selling physical products, you can also offer digital products. Since many people shop online, and most don’t want to spend an extra for shipment, digital items are a quick and affordable way for them to purchase. There are digital items like software, e-books, and a lot more than you can offer. Selling digital products is easy as compared to physical items. You don’t have to worry about taxes or if the product has reached the customer safely.

Earn Money on your Website - content products sell

Use Infolinks

Infolinks is a smart ad company that also works like Google ads. The only difference is that Infolinks doesn’t need much effort when setting up. Once you have signed in, you’ll get ads right away posted on your website, and these ads won’t even compromise the design of your website.

Hire Me Page

If you are not ready to place ads on your website or host an online class with your expertise, you can instead create a portfolio. You can use your website to showcase your work for potential employers or companies to hire you. You can start by creating a Hire Me Page or a Portfolio. You can use this page in your resume, or if you have a lot of traffic, someone might see it and possibly hire you.

Sell or Rent an Internal Page

There are two things you have to consider if you plan on selling or renting out a page on your website. First, you must have a website that is big enough to have internal pages. Second, your website must have tons of traffic coming in. If you have two things mentioned above, then you can now sell or rent your page. You’ll be surprised that many people are willing to rent a page or buy one. People often do this because they don’t want to make an effort to build their website or get more traffic. Renting or buying one is easy.

Pop-up Ads

Another method of advertisement you can try on your website is pop-up ads. However, you should take note that ads like this are annoying to readers. Hence, don’t put multiple ads that might distract your readers. Also, it’s better if the ads you choose are something related to your blog’s niche.

Earn Money on your Website - content products sell

Create a Job Board

You can create a job board where you allow companies to rent a space to post job listings. Or you could charge your visitors when they want to view any job posted on your website. However, creating a space for job posting is not for every website. Companies often post jobs on sites that have a large amount of traffic only. If you have thousands of visitors coming to your website, it’s time to create job boards for companies to rent.

Create a Directory for a niche

Directories are uncommon nowadays, but you can give this a try. If you have an authoritative website, you can collect monthly fees from businesses that want to post their contact info on your page. Aside from these businesses gaining more profit from your website, they can also have a quality backlink.

RSS Feed Ads

Many websites or blogs utilize RSS feeds when they are posting something new on their blog or making any updates. RSS allows a website’s content to reach a wider audience. You can start to accept ads on your feed if you generate a large amount of traffic to your website.

Host an Auction House

If you have some intriguing goods or unique items, you can auction them on your website instead of selling them at a fixed price. There are software programs designed to allow auction on a site. You can install one and start bidding for that rare piece of item you have. Some auction software programs you can add to your website are Promena, e-Sourcing, BidJS, Auctria, and more.

Lock a Content

Content locking is a bit similar to a monthly subscription. However, the only difference is that readers can pay a small amount just to read specific content only. You can add teasers to entice your readers to continue reading the article. Locked content requires only a small amount of fee.

Use Text Link

You can also use text link ads to earn some money. It is similar to graphic ads but in text format. You can charge monthly, or it can be in the form of pay-per-click.

Make an App

There are about 4.6 billion mobile phone users worldwide, and taking advantage of this is a smart move. Therefore, many developers are trying to create apps to go along with this demand. If you have the talent to create mobile apps, then making one for your website will generate more money. For example, if you run a food website, you can create an app that will go along with your website. Creating an app for your website could increase your profit.

Host a Poll or Survey

You can take advantage of your monthly visitors by setting up polls or surveys. People like answering polls or surveys, and you can use this to earn money. You can use the data you have collected to sell to the right companies who need it. If not, you can host a survey from companies that’ll pay you to gather information. – Forbes.com


Webinars are similar to online courses; the only difference is that interactions in webinars are uncommon. If you are a professional, you can conduct webinars. Webinars are a combination of educational content and consultation. You can charge people to watch your live webinars, and you can now earn some money. One thing to remember is to provide high-quality content for your viewers, so they get something from what they’ve paid.

Earn Money on your Website - content products sell


This 2021 there are many opportunities you can create or find online. It’s not like the past, where resources are limited. Now, anyone can find ways to earn money. You can quickly turn your website, hobby, or skill into cash. There are hundreds of techniques you can earn with your website; all you need is to look for the right niche you are comfortable with and work hard to promote or sell your products. – US News.com

Turn your website into your business, or earn some money with it. Nothing is impossible with the power of the internet.


John Ocampos is an Opera Singer by profession and a member of the Philippine Tenors. Ever since Digital Marketing has always been his forte. He is the Founder of SEO-Guru, and the Managing Director of Tech Hacker. John is also the Strategic SEO and Influencer Marketing Manager of Softvire Australia – the leading software eCommerce company in Australia and Softvire New Zealand.

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